ACID Pro 7
Professional digital audio workstation.

Product comparisons

Here you will find both a checklist highlighting the advantages of ACID Pro 7 over ACID Pro 6 and also a comparison chart indicating features supported in each of the modern ACID family of products.

ACID Pro 6 vs. ACID Pro 7 | ACID Family Comparison

ACID Pro 6 vs. ACID Pro 7
FeatureACID Pro 6ACID Pro 7
Audio and MIDI mixing consolex
Audio, MIDI, and Bus Track Metersx
Input bussesx
Real-time renderingx
MIDI track freezex
Enhanced timestretch and pitch shifting with élastique Prox
Enhanced Beatmapping for tracks with tempo changesx
Tempo curvesx
Metronome countoffx
Cross-track event drag and dropx
Switches including Normalize, Invert Phase, Mute, and Lockx
External control surface channel trackingx
Custom labels for ASIO™ devices and ports x
Enhanced plug-in managementx
Optimized plug-in scanning via the Plug-in Managerx
Interactive Tutorialsx
FLAC, AAC, AC-3 Studio, and MPEG-2, format supportx
Includes over 3,000 loops in multiple genresx
Multitrack audio and MIDI recordingxx
Multiple media events per track with automatic crossfadesxx
On-the-fly punch-in recordingxx
Project sections xx
Freehand envelope drawing on the timelinexx
Envelope automation recordingxx
Record input monitoringxx
5.1 surround film-style panning xx
Inline MIDI editingxx
MIDI recording and playbackxx
MIDI piano roll and list editing xx
MIDI track envelopes and keyframes xx
Drum grid editing mode with drum key mapsxx
MIDI filtering and processingxx
VSTi soft synth support and parameter automationxx
MIDI file exportxx
Support for control surfaces including Mackie Control and Frontier Design TranzPort™xx
Dual/Multi-core processor supportxx
Dynamic playback optimizationxx
ATRAC3™, ATRAC3plus™, and ATRAC Advanced Lossless™ format supportxx
Gracenote® MusicID CD album identification xx
Number of tracksUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum bit depth/sample rate24/192khz24/192khz
Project wide tempo and key changesxx
ASIO driver supportxx
Alternate time signature support xx
Master, auxiliary and effects bus tracksxx
DLS sample file supportxx
5.1 surround mixingxx
Includes over 20 DirectX® effectsxx
Tempo based DirectX effectsxx
Plug-in effect automationxx
Volume and pan envelopesxx
MP3 open/saveUnlimitedUnlimited
Groove Mapping™ quantization with Groove Cloning™ xx
Media Manager™ technologyxx
Nestable folder tracksxx
VST effect support with automation and tempo syncxx
Multiport VSTi soft synth supportxx
Rewire mixer and device supportxx
Real-time event reversexx
Metronome for playback and recordxx
Customizable keyboard mappingxx
Bus-to-bus routingxx
Downmix monitoringxx
Beatmapper™ remixing toolxx
Chopper™ editing toolxx
Ripple editing / edits across tracksxx
Flash (.swf) format importxx
Video scoring trackxx
Disc-at-once CD burning/CD extractionxx
Publish to xx

ACID family comparison
FeatureACID XpressACID Music StudioACID Pro


User levelConsumerConsumerProfessional
Suggested PriceFreeUS$59.95US$149.95
External control surface channel trackingx
Custom labels for ASIO™ devices and ports* xx
Interactive tutorialsxxx
Dual/multicore processor supportxxx
Support for external control surfaces x
Dynamic playback optimizationxxx
Number of tracks10UnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum bit depth/sample rate16-bit/48 kHz24-bit/192 kHz24-bit/192 kHz
Media Manager™ technology x
Customizable loop searches and taggingx
Video scoring trackxxx
Live audio recordingxxx
Customizable keyboard mappingxx
Get Media optionxxx
Time and tempo markersxxx
Metronome for playback and recordxxx
Macromedia Flash™ .swf format importxx
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 supportxxx

Mixing and Editing

Audio and MIDI mixing consolexx
Audio, MIDI, and Bus Track Metersxx
Input bussesx
Real-time renderingx
Tempo curvesxx
Cross-track event drag and dropxx
Enhanced Beatmapping for tracks with tempo changesxx
Enhanced timestretch and pitch shifting with élastique Proxx
Metronome countoffxx
Normalize, Invert Phase, and Lockxx
Multiple media events per track with automatic crossfadesxxx
On-the-fly punch-in recordingxxx
Record input monitoringxx
ACID project sectionsxx
Envelope automation recordingx
Freehand envelope drawing on the timelinexxx
Groove Mapping™ quantization with Groove Cloning™ x
Nestable folder tracksxx
5.1 surround mixingx
Beatmapper remixing toolxx
Recognition of Beatmapped filesxxx
Real-time event reversexxx
Volume and pan envelopesxxx
Tempo and key changesxxx
Bus-to-bus routingx
Chopper loop editing toolxx
Alternate time signature supportxxx

Effects & MIDI

MIDI track freezexx
Enhanced plug-in managementxx
Optimized plug-in scanning via the Plug-in Managerxx
Includes Studio Devil™ British Valve Custom (BVC) guitar ampx
Includes TruePianos™ Amber Lite soft synthx
Inline MIDI editingxxx
MIDI track envelopes and keyframesxxx
MIDI input filtering and processingxxx
Post-record MIDI filtering and processingxx
MIDI file import/exportxx
Program Map Editorxx
Drum grid editing mode xx
Custom drum grid editor key mapsxx
MIDI recording/event list editingMIDI record onlyxx
VSTi support xx
VSTi parameter automationxx
VST effect support xx
VST automation and tempo syncxx
Multiport VSTi soft synth supportxx
DLS sample file supportxxx
Rewire mixer and device supportx
Track effectsYes/includes ExpressFXx
DirectX® plug-in supportxYes/includes XFX 1,2,3
DirectX plug-in effects automationxx
Tempo-based DirectX effectsxx
Audio Plug-In Managerxx
ASIO™ driver supportxxx
Generate MIDI Time Code and MIDI clockx
Master bus trackxx

CD and Export

AC-3 Studio, and MPEG-2 format supportx
FLAC and AAC format support* xx
Gracenote® CD album identificationxx
CD extractionxx
Track-at-Once/Disc-at-Once CD burningxx
Publish to xxx
WAV, WAV64 open/saveOpen onlyxx
MP3 open/save128 Kbps maxxx
Windows Media™ audio support128 Kbps maxxx
Windows Media™ video support512 Kbps maxxx
ATRAC™ format open/saveOpen onlyxx
QuickTime supportxx
MPEG encoding support (with optional plug-in)xx
Publish to SoundCloudx

ACID Pro 7 system requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP 2 or later), Windows Vista™ (SP 2), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • 1 GHz processor (2.8 GHz recommended for HDV)
  • 200 MB hard-disk space for program installation,
    600 MB hard-disk space for optional Sony Sound Series
    Loops & Samples reference library
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
  • QuickTime 7.1.6 or later

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