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Audio Master Suite
Waveform and spectral editing.

Uniquely powerful, amazing together!

Sound Forge™ Pro 11 and SpectraLayers™ Pro 2 are the most advanced waveform and spectral editing applications available today. Each with its own unique genius, they work seamlessly together to form a colossal editing system offering extraordinary and immediate gains for audio professionals everywhere. Engineered for smooth round-trip communication, these new editions invite you to channel the power of each in turn as your tasks demand. Whether your game is mixing, mastering, repair and restoration, sound design, forensics, or analysis, Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 2 provide a unified environment that will serve as your gateway to the highest plateau of creative audio design.

Sound Forge Pro 11

Sound Forge™ Pro 11 is the application of choice for a generation of audio editors. Record audio on a rock-solid platform, perform audio processing tasks, and render top-notch master files with ease. A host of new processes and plug-ins make Sound Forge Pro 11 the deepest and most advanced audio editing platform available. More about Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge Pro 11
SpectraLayers Pro 2

SpectraLayers Pro 2

SpectraLayers™ Pro 2 is the leader of today’s audio spectrum editing movement. New features include faster processing, Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding™, seamless interoperability with Sound Forge™ Pro 11, and a host of other improvements. Take it to the extreme with SpectraLayers Pro 2. More about about SpectraLayers Pro 2

CD Architect 5.2

Produce professional audio CDs to Red Book specification with CD Architect™ software. Perform full PQ code editing, trim events from full-length media and add as new tracks, import regions from Sound Forge™ software as tracks, read and write CD text, master audio by applying over 20 real-time effects to events and the master output, and perform disc-at-once CD burning. More about CD Architect

CD Architect 5.2

Includes 25 free Sony Sound Series: Production Music tracks
USD $498 value

Production Music

The Production Music library, with its selection of 1,600+ commercial soundtracks, is the fastest and most hi-fi way to get the perfect music track on your project timeline, every time. Choose freely from throughout the entire library and download your fresh tracks either all at once or at your own leisure. Royalty free music beds are available in popular genres including Ambient/Cinematic, Country, Electronica, Jazz, News, Pop, Rock, Urban, and World. Your Production Music tracks are waiting at the perfect intersection of waveform and spectral editing. Learn more about the Sony Sound Series: Production Music.

Nectar Elements powered by iZotope

Nectar Elements® powered by iZotope®

The included Nectar Elements plug-in makes vocal treatment a snap. With 10 powerful processors working hard behind the scenes, Nectar Elements offers simple, intelligent controls that let you focus on your sound, not your set-up. More about Nectar Elements

Mastering and Repair Suite powered by iZotope®

Mastering and Repair suite is a set of six plug-ins powered by iZotope DSP technology. The effects include high quality algorithms for exceptional sound, as well as immersive interfaces with metering and graphical feedback to make mastering as quick and easy as possible. Also included is the iZotope 64-bit SRC™, utilizing a hybrid algorithm providing the highest quality and most customizable resampling available. iZotope's MBIT+™ dithering algorithm features psychoacoustic noise shaping, based on research with actual musical material, for the best possible results. More about the Master and Repair Suite

Mastering and Repair Suite powered by iZotope
Noise Reduction 2

Noise Reduction 2

Noise Reduction™ 2.0 collection contains four powerful DirectX® sound restoration plug-ins: Audio Restoration™, Noise Reduction, Clipped Peak Restoration™, and Click and Crackle Removal™. Save valuable time and money by applying Noise Reduction processing power to salvage vintage vinyl recordings and rescue problem tracks. Whether you're in radio, multimedia, archival, or music production, the Noise Reduction plug-in collection will prove an invaluable addition to your audio editing suite. More about about Noise Reduction


Producing High-Resolution Blu-ray Audio
Learn how to create the ultimate listening experience with our Audiophile’s Choice Bundle.

Update SpectraLayers Pro 2.0
An update to SpectraLayers Pro 2 software was posted on November 15, 2013.
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Keeping things CALM with new loudness meters in Sound Forge Pro 11
Commercials are loud. They're often louder than the program that they play in. And over the years, they've been made intentionally louder and louder so that they'd get our attention. It's always been an annoyance, but with the advent of digital TV it became even more of a nuisance for a variety of reasons.

Sony Creative Software: Audio Master Suite
"Whether your game is mixing, mastering, repair and restoration, sound design, forensics, or analysis, Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 2 will serve as your gateway to the highest plateau of creative audio design." Craig Hopkinson, Soundwrx
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Sony SpectraLayers Pro 2 review
Without a doubt, it deserves a place in the toolkit of every professional audio designer. Darien Graham-Smith, PC Pro UK
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Review: Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Pro 11
"If there were a lifetime achievement award for audio editing software, Sound Forge would be the favored candidate." David English, StudioDaily
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Sony Ghosts Unwanted Noises
"SpectraLayers Pro 2 is a powerful audio forensics program," Dave Plotkin, Radio World
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Update Sound Forge Pro 11
An update to Sound Forge Pro 11 software was posted on August 6, 2014.
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Review – Sony SpectraLayers Pro 2
"But if you also need powerful noise reduction tools for restoration, post-production audio sweetening or audio-forensics work, SpectraLayers Pro 2 is the only spectral processor I know of that gives you tools for executing all these tasks under one roof." Michael Cooper, Electronic Musician
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The Top Audio Editors
"Audio post-production, mastering, sampling, restoration: it can comfortably cover all such applications and is relatively easy to use with its clear and plain interface." Red Led, Audiofanzine
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SpectraLayers Pro 2 Plays Well With Others - A Review
"I said in my review of SLP1 that I looked forward to new releases of the software. I was right. This is one worth taking a look at." Jeremiah Hall, DoddleNews
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Ten Years On: A Review of Sound Forge Pro 11
"If you have serious audio editing to perform, you will want to take a look at Sound Forge." Jeremiah Hall, DoddleNews
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Sony SpectaLayers Pro 2 - Now you can unscramble the audio egg!
"This extraordinary program effectively allows you to 'paint' with sound." David Smith, Digital Producer magazine
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New Software Spotlight: SpectraLayers Pro 2 from Sony Creative Software
"SpectraLayers Pro 2 is a pretty remarkable tool in what it can do..." Tom Michael Testi, BlogCritics
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Review: Sound Forge 11
"It has really built up a reputation as the ‘go-to’ audio editor over the years, and with the inclusion of the new iZotope and Zplane plug-ins, there really is quite a collection of good restoration and editing plug-ins that you can use to get the most out of your audio processing." Gary Hiebing, AskAudio
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Review: Sony SpectraLayers Pro 2
"For anyone working professionally with sound, and for any job that is beyond a regular wave editor, SpectraLayers Pro 2 could very well be indispensable." Hollin Jones, AskAudio Magazine
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Product Review: SpectraLayers Pro 2 from Sony Creative Software
"SpectraLayers Pro is an outstanding piece of software than can repair audio files in ways no other software currently available can." Larry Jordan, Edit Smarter
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