Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Audio editing and production.
This product is also included in: Movie Studio 13 Suite

Sound Forge family comparison

Award-winning Sound Forge™ digital audio editing software includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for comprehensive audio production. Whether you're new to editing audio or you're a seasoned audio engineer, there is a Sound Forge product that is right for you.

Sound Forge family comparison
FeatureSound Forge Audio Studio 10Sound Forge Pro 11
User levelConsumerProfessional
Suggested PriceUS$59.95US$399.95
Maximum bit depth24-bit, 32-bit float/192 kHz24-bit, 32-bit/64 bit float/192 kHz
Audio recording, editing and processingStereoStereo and Multichannel
Number of audio effects11 DirectX® Plug-InsComplete suites of native and iZotope®-powered high-end processors
Audio presets90Over 200 customizable
VST audio effect supportxx
ASIO™ driver supportxx
Media Explorerxx
Crash recoveryxx
Multitask background renderingxx
ACID® Loop creation toolsxx
Video and AVI supportxx
Effects previewingxx
Unlimited undo/redoxx
Customizable window layoutsxx
Floating window docksxx
Tabbed browsing for maximized data windowsxx
Performance optimizations (Global media cache)xx
Resonant Filter plug-inxx
Custom selection grid linesxx
Metadata editing via new Metadata windowsxx
Time display windowxx
Track-at-Once/Disc-at-Once CD burningxx
Windows Media® import/exportxx
QuickTime® import and exportxx
FLAC and AAC format supportxx
Full support for 4GB + filesxx
Real-time playback metersxVU/PPM
Audio scrubbingxx
Publishing to ACIDplanet.comxx
Support for 24fps DV video filesxx
Drag-and-drop editing between channelsstereostereo and mutichannel
Channel Converter toolmono and stereomono, stereo, and multichannel
Gracenote® MusicID™ technologyxx
Built-in interactive tutorialsxx
Vinyl recording and restoration wizardxx
Microsoft® Windows® 8 compatiblexx
Vocal Eraser plug-in by iZotope™x
Includes 1,001 Sound Effectsx
Seamless interoperability with SpectraLayers™ Pro 2x
Includes iZotope Mastering and Repair Suite (six high-end VST plug-ins)x
Modeless, dockable recording interfacex
Stay armed for recording at all timesx
Loop recording with variable pre-roll and post-roll timesx
Store and audition multiple recorded takesx
Easy punch-and roll recordingx
Monitor unarmed channels while recordingx
Input Bus Effectsx
Watch waveform being drawn while recordingx
Modeless Plug-in Chain Interfacex
Waveform Overview Barx
Enhanced Data Window Tab Functionallityx
Metering for the new critical StandardsNew for Sound Forge Pro 11
   Momentary Loudness meterx
   Short-term Loudness meterx
   Integrated Loudness meterx
   Loudness Range meterx
   True Peaks meterx
Event-based editingEnhanced for Sound Forge Pro 11
   Convert regions to eventsx
   Lock markers to eventsx
   Lock region markers to eventsx
   Ripple events forwardx
Audio restoration plug-insBasicWide variety of repair and restoration tools
   iZotope Declipper plug-inx
   iZotope Declicker plug-inx
   iZotope Denoiser plug-inx
iZotope Nectar Elements plug-in ($129 value)x
Supports BEXT BWF version 2.0 (BWF format)BWF enhancements available now!
Supports iXML (BWF format)BWF enhancements available now!
Includes autofill and verification options (BWF format)BWF enhancements available now!
élastique Pro timestretch and pitch shift plug-inx
iZotope MBIT+ Dither bit-depth conversionx
iZotope 64-bit SRC sample rate conversionx
Musical instrument file processing (.DLS, .SF2, .GIG)x
Enhanced Broadcast Wave Format (.bwf) supportx
Hardware meters with output gain controlx
Phase and mono-compatibility metersx
Spectrum Analysis toolx
Multichannel Windows Media File supportx
Dolby® Digital AC-3 exportx
Includes Noise Reduction 2.0x
Application scripting and batch conversionx
DirectX plug-in effects automationx
DirectX Plug-in Managerx
Sound Forge project filesx
Customizable keyboard mappingx
Clipped peak detection and markingx
Time-based recording and threshold triggeringx
Prerecord bufferx
24:1 sample-level editingx
MIDI triggering/sample transferx
White/pink/brown noise generatorsx
Audio Plug-in Chainerx
Wave Hammer™ Metering Toolx
Acoustic Mirror™ environment simulation toolsx
Waveform volume and pan envelopesx
Undo/Redo HistoryEnhanced for Sound Forge Pro 11


Update Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0
An update to Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 was posted on Nov. 19, 2013.
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