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Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass
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Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass

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Born in the Punjab region divided by India and Pakistan, bhangra is a primal music of celebration and rebirth that features heavy rhythms played on huge dhol drums, dholaks, and tablas-perfect for intersecting with today's urban and streetwise forms. Since 1997, DJ Rekha Malhotra's internationally known New York City monthly, Basement Bhangra®, has exposed legions of dance music lovers to modern bhangra mixes with pulverizing dance floor impact. DJ Rekha has teamed up with esteemed east coast producer Sunil Sehgal to create Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass, a sample library that delivers that authentic mix of culture and style to your desktop with folders full of melodic harmoniums, infectious tumbis, and layered percussion that provides a full rhythmic experience. Bhangra Breaks is a labor of love by true founders of the U.S. bhangra movement, and a glittering ornament in the Sony Sound Series family tree that will add a new level of vivid expressionism to your next project. Enjoy Bhangra Breaks royalty-free in ACID software, and all platforms that use .wav files.

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