DC Rocks

Darren Wilsey – songwriter, composer, guitarist, keyboardist, programmer and producer – studied at the Manhattan School of Music and Julliard. An award-winning classical composer and performer, he also toured with alternative band Vibrolush. His music was featured in NBC's "Third Watch" and the film "Silicon Alley Stories." So how's this musical Renaissance man using Sony Creative Software products?

Darren (a.k.a. DC Rocks) relies on ACID and Sound Forge to bring his musical ideas to fruition. He uses ACID primarily for programming drum and percussion loops. He also puts together his own loop CDs for use in his multiple projects. As a multi-instrumentalist, ACID makes it easy for him to expand his playing by putting together virtual backing tracks on the fly.

Darren uses Sound Forge to "edit and process tracks to perfection. I use Sony Creative Software products because they offer two qualities that don't always go hand and hand: ease and power. These programs offer incredible editing capability that is user intuitive. The first time I worked with these Sony Creative Software programs I was completely blown away. I have never looked back. Outboard gear that I used to sequence and program was immediately antiquated."

ACID and Sound Forge are intrinsically linked to my creative process. - Darren Wilsey (a.k.a. DC Rocks)

Darren's electronic composition "Trip" recently won the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest for best electronic piece in 2001. ACID played a part in this song's creation. Darren writes:

"'Trip' is an instrumental track that was recorded at my home production studio in Manhattan (Engine Multimedia Studios). It was recorded using both Pro Tools 5.0 and ACID. The custom built computer that I used to run these programs is homemade and specifically built for dance and electronica applications. It is a temperamental machine that requires a lot of trickery in order for it to function correctly. This machine has been a real workhorse that has been kind enough to let me produce several CDs over the past few years. I used the Roland VM-3100 Pro mixer connected to a MIDI interface. The two keyboards that were used on 'Trip' were the Roland XP-30 and the Roland Groove Synth, as well as an old Epiphone bass (a cheap Paul McCartney copy!)."

As long-time sponsors of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, we're thrilled to see winners using our products!

Darren concludes: "I cannot say enough good things about Sony Creative Software programs. They have completely revolutionized the way I create music. One of the great advantages has been a ten-fold increase in my productivity. When using these programs you are only limited by your imagination."

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