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The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection
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The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection

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Producer, sound designer, film and game music composer, remix artist—Richard Devine's career has been distinguished by significant accomplishments in each of these fields and beyond. Already an industry veteran at the age of 32, Devine has released music through several of the world's most revered and progressive electronica labels, including Warp, Asphodel, and Schematic, infusing his creations with a distinctive contemporary ethos that is both subliminal and sublime. When Richard expressed an interest in partnering with Sony Creative Software to release a collection of sounds that exhaustively taps all his creative impulses, we knew we'd be in for one long, strange trip.

The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection harbors some of the most unique material in the Sony Sound Series catalog. A vast, unparalleled construction kit, The Manuscript is a vault full of pure sonic gold, poured and shaped by a master craftsman in possession of one of the most impressive personal collections of boutique and custom-built electronic instruments in existence. And like every Sony Sound Series release, the finished product has been meticulously polished to shine brilliantly within ACID software and every other full-featured DAW platform.

The Electronic Music Manuscript is Premium Collection goods all the way, a 24-bit, 2CD package that features detailed notes and photographs, a collection of ready-to-load Native Instruments Battery kits, and two exclusive videos that describe the creative process behind the making of this extraordinary title. Explore this divine manuscript and become enlightened to the Richard Devine approach to building new sonic temples of electronic music and sound.

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