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Loops & Samples

Sound Effects

1,001 Sound Effects
Enhance your audio projects with 1,001 high quality sound clips, from environmental soundscapes to household items.
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-5
An exclusive five-disc collection of the best recorded materials and effects, handpicked straight from the Sony Pictures sound editorial vault.
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10
The Sony Pictures master set. This ten-disc package contains over 2,300 effects in a wide assortment of categories.
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 6-10
The second installment of our Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series, this set focuses on high-end sound design, period effects, and otherworldly noises.
The Detroit Chop Shop 1: General Sound Effects 1
178 useful, everyday sounds, hand-selected by The Detroit Chop Shop with utility and versatility in mind. You can never have enough sounds like these!
The Detroit Chop Shop 10: Science Fiction
The aliens have landed. Includes data transmission sounds, spaceship bys and explosions, scanners, drones, beeps, blips, breakdowns, and more.
The Detroit Chop Shop 2: Action
These high-intensity sounds will stand apart from the pack. Includes weapons, explosions, sports, a variety of crowd ambiences, animal sounds, and more.
The Detroit Chop Shop 3: Explosion, Fire, and Impact
Natural and man-made elements collide in full force on this intense volume. Enjoy impact sounds made by wood, glass, metal, rocks, and even flesh.
The Detroit Chop Shop 4: Industrial
Welcome to the machines — in particular, compressors, hammers, saws, drills, plows, vending machines, lawn mowers, and many more. Includes numerous small hand tool sounds.
The Detroit Chop Shop 5: Transportation
Trains, planes, automobiles, squealing tires, bicycle bells ringing, and much more. This volume features interior and exterior perspectives, sustained moments, and a wide variety of vehicles.
The Detroit Chop Shop 6: General Sound Effects 2
A useful volume of common household sounds, typical environmental ambiences, baby and animal noises, and more. Includes 100 go-to sound effects nested in nearly a gigabyte of data.
The Detroit Chop Shop 7: Horror
An aural handbook of horrors. The Detroit Chop Shop has nailed every classic horror subgenre from monsters to ghosts to zombies.
The Detroit Chop Shop 8: Nature
The natural world revealed in broadcast-quality sound. Includes many distinct animal sounds, and a fair helping of sustained environmental ambiences, including forest and jungle.
The Detroit Chop Shop 9: Production Elements
Open the Production Elements volume when you need something completely out of the ordinary. A gigabyte of zingers, whooshes, sweeps and more — music producers take note!
The Detroit Chop Shop Series 1-10
Experience the complete depth and breadth of The Detroit Chop Shop series. The complete collection includes more than 1,700 sound effects.
The Detroit Chop Shop Series 1-5
The first five volumes of The Detroit Chop Shop series are packed with sound effects in a wide range of categories.
The Detroit Chop Shop Series 6-10
These five volumes full of prime Chop Shop cuts deliver broadcast-quality sound effects spanning categories including nature, science fiction, horror, and more.

Loop Libraries with Sound Effects

Ambient Grooves
Pulled from the vaults of iconoclast producer Bill Laswell, this library blends instrumental sounds from all points of the globe.
Aural E: Eclectic Electronica
An electronica construction kit featuring electroacoustic processing, media manipulation, realtime performances, striking sound effects, stinger and stager elements, and more.
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats
A collection of extremely harsh beat loops for industrial, postrock, crunchy downtempo, abstract hip-hop, and sheer noise tracks.
Cinematix Volume 1
A wide variety of high-energy, high-impact ACIDized audio assets, including loops, complete music beds, stingers, and sound effects.
Cinematix Volume 2
A wide variety of high-energy, high-impact ACIDized audio assets, including loops, complete music beds, stingers, and sound effects.
Downtempo Beats
A construction kit collection of low slung, well hung grooves that emit the inescapable vibe of the downtempo scene.
Electronic Point-Blank
A complete construction kit crafted by Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto, Consolidated) aimed squarely at the underground techno/dance music scene.
Futurist Drum 'n' Bass
Undulating bass lines and fierce, pounding rhythms that cover all realms of the D’n’B spectrum, from hard-step to liquid.
Headstrong Grooves
A modern electronica dance music construction kit in the popular UK garage and 2-step styles.
ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit
The perfect background vocal construction kit. Gain complete control over your harmonies! Includes a great selection of diva samples.
James Johnson: Spektral Minimalism
A collection of shifting, amorphous atmospheres, long drifting soundscapes, elegant piano passages, and textures.
Joe Vitale: Junkyard Rhythms
A collection of sounds created by pounding away at metallic objects that yield maximum klang.
Ma Ja Lé: Electronic Imprints and Astrobeats
Intense percussion loops, disintegrating analog instruments, forbidden Theremin transmissions, solarized electric guitars, and more.
Ma Ja Lé: Ethereal Textures
A group of tribal ambient sounds, and evolving, intricate soundscapes with lush, ultra high fidelity sound quality.
Machine Language
Producer/sound designer Jon Drukman (Bass Kittens, Random, Artificial Paradise) delivers a hard techno blow to the dome with this versatile library.
Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit
Finally, an industrial library that’s all killer and no filler, just 500+ megabytes of mysterious and delirious guitars, synths, beats, and rhythms.
New Roots Reggae
Invoke the true spirit of roots, dub, and dancehall Reggae with this library of authentic instrumentation and modern electronic elements.
New York Dance
The East Coast has a flavor all its own, and producer Doug Beck captures the essence of the New York sound with this perfect blend of contemporary dance loops.
Numina I: Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema
A complete construction kit full of pure, sonorous sounds that reference common emotions and cinematic events in fresh, unique contexts.
This is the pure, perennial German techno zeitgeist. A complete construction kit for making fully developed electronica tracks that just won’t quit.
Rapoon: Textures & Soundscapes
Enter the Rapoon worldview and punch your ticket to a visionary world replete with sounds and tones from a parallel universe.
Robert Rich: Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms
Flutes, drones, and the hypnotic minimalism that has become a Rich trademark are presented here with perfect fidelity and balance.
Siggi Baldursson: Zero-Gravity Beats
Siggi’s back and he brought his effects rack. Get completely weightless with this collection of out-of-this-world, futuristic beats.
Stylus Pressure: Urban Grooves On Digital Wax
The Stylus Pressure construction kit is pure urban magik – trippin' grooves and freaky sonic collages with the phat sound of pure vinyl.
Synthetic Sound Effects: Twisted Reality
A collection of ultra hi-fi synthetic sound effects perfect for music and film.
An electrifying assortment of beats, basses, pads, and FX for making electronica, breakbeat, jungle, industrial, and glitch music forms.
Twine: Build
A self-contained music construction kit of beats and textures derived from Twine's deeply-processed audio.
Twine: Intelligent Dance Music
Electronica rhythms, melodies, bass lines, and evocative sonic environments from the warped minds that brought you the Build library.
Ugly Remnants: Volume One
There's something dark and beautiful waiting for you in this critically-acclaimed, multi-genre construction kit.
Ugly Remnants: Volume Two
A second helping of versatile Ugly Remnants loops rounds out this stellar, multi-genre set from Endlessflow.
Universal Groove Elements
From hip-hop to techno, bass lines to beats, this disc has it all — the definitive collection of all that moves and grooves.
Vintage Analog Synths
Classic Arps, Rolands, and Moogs are just the beginning. Throw down some vintage flare with this ultimate collection of classic synth sounds.
Vir Unis: Infusion
A unique collection of electronica loops, electro-tribal beats, industrial noisescapes, and deep space atmospherics.

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Artist Integrated
Matt Fink: StarVu Session KeysMake better sounding music with libraries that unite artists in unprecedented levels of virtual collaboration across multiple library titles. Learn more about artist integrated loop libraries.

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