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{mnemonic:"billlaswell",name:"Ambient Grooves",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"11"}
Ambient Grooves
Pulled from the vaults of iconoclast producer Bill Laswell, this library blends instrumental sounds from all points of the globe.
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{mnemonic:"laswellset",name:"Bill Laswell Collection",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Bill Laswell Collection
The entire three-volume Bill Laswell Collection, plus a bonus 24-bit library of prime underground Laswell available only in the box set.
US$141.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"laswell1",name:"Bill Laswell: Volume I False Encryptions",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Bill Laswell: Volume I False Encryptions
Bill Laswell reveals secret codes from the 2” analog underground in Volume I of the Bill Laswell Collection.
US$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"laswell2",name:"Bill Laswell: Volume II Undocument",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"1"}
Bill Laswell: Volume II Undocument
From beats and hits to esoteric effects and guitars, explore 450 megabytes of sonic brilliance made to sculpt inside the ACID workspace.
US$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"laswell3",name:"Bill Laswell: Volume III Letter of Law",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Bill Laswell: Volume III Letter of Law
The basic principles of Bill Laswell's production genius delivered intact, replete with cellos, sitars, synths, and drum ‘n’ bass components.
US$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
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