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Traditional melodies and rhythms from around the globe. 100% authentic performances recorded at their sources.
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{mnemonic:"opium",name:"Sounds of Asia: Opium",date:"63351204360000",rating:"0.000",sold:"17"}
Sounds of Asia: Opium
Traditional sounds that capture the spirit of Asia. 100% authentic performances recorded at their sources.
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{mnemonic:"funkyxtreamsII",name:"Techno Club Grooves II",date:"63350071500000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Techno Club Grooves II
The loop library that gives you hip, vintage loops from the KORG Rhythm 55 beatbox.
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{mnemonic:"essentialsoundsII",name:"Essential Sounds II",date:"63348710040000",rating:"5.000",sold:"7"}
Essential Sounds II
A multi-genre assortment of handy, high-quality sounds perfect for the busy producer. There’s something here for everyone!
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{mnemonic:"twistedreality",name:"Synthetic Sound Effects: Twisted Reality",date:"63348709980000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Synthetic Sound Effects: Twisted Reality
A collection of ultra hi-fi synthetic sound effects perfect for music and film.
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{mnemonic:"rapoon2",name:"Rapoon: Sci-Fi Tribal",date:"63345664860000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Rapoon: Sci-Fi Tribal
A portal to moods and atmospheres with a surreal, low-fi edge, produced by ambient industrialist Robin Story, founder of zoviet-france.
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{mnemonic:"robinstorey",name:"Rapoon: Textures & Soundscapes",date:"63345664860000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Rapoon: Textures & Soundscapes
Enter the Rapoon worldview and punch your ticket to a visionary world replete with sounds and tones from a parallel universe.
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{mnemonic:"syntonicgenerator",name:"Classic Drum Machines: Syntonic Generator",date:"63344469720000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Classic Drum Machines: Syntonic Generator
Eclectic drum and synth loops created using vintage kit and edited to perfection for your convenience.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cyclotronicresonator",name:"Electronica Grooves: Cyclotronic Resonator",date:"63344469720000",rating:"1.000",sold:"1"}
Electronica Grooves: Cyclotronic Resonator
Beats, basses, and FX for the conscientious electronica producer. A complete synth-based construction kit.
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{mnemonic:"signalsI",name:"Techno Synth Loops 1: Signals I ",date:"63343159380000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Techno Synth Loops 1: Signals I
Created using the world's greatest synthesizers: Korg MS20, Minimoog, Prophet-5, Roland Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8, and Yamaha DX7.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"signalsII",name:"Techno Synth Loops 2: Signals II",date:"63343159380000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
Techno Synth Loops 2: Signals II
More electronica loops made with sounds from the world's greatest synthesizers. Enjoy super-tight synth sequences and FX.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"djpuzzle",name:"DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics",date:"63342635280000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics
Explore the best of the urban underground with this scratch-based construction kit that focuses on the 'tables as its primary sound source.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"psychedelic",name:"Psychedelic Guitar",date:"63341354220000",rating:"3.670",sold:"8"}
Psychedelic Guitar
Muscular electric guitar riffs by rock, blues, and jazz fusion pioneer Harvey Mandel. Weave some soaring leads into your next project!
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"classiccountry",name:"Classic Country",date:"63341354160000",rating:"3.000",sold:"20"}
Classic Country
A assortment of loops that capture the traditional Nashville / Americana sound. A complete construction kit.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"twine2",name:"Twine: Build",date:"63271670400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"5"}
Twine: Build
A self-contained music construction kit of beats and textures derived from Twine's deeply-processed audio.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"intelligentdance",name:"Twine: Intelligent Dance Music",date:"63271670400000",rating:"4.000",sold:"10"}
Twine: Intelligent Dance Music
Electronica rhythms, melodies, bass lines, and evocative sonic environments from the warped minds that brought you the Build library.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"endlessflow",name:"Knutrix Drum 'n' Bass",date:"63270115200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"8"}
Knutrix Drum 'n' Bass
A smooth drum 'n' bass construction kit with the Endlessflow vibe – endless diversity, extreme high fidelity.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"nashvillewire",name:"Nashville Wire: Pedal Steel Guitar",date:"63194342400000",rating:"4.000",sold:"25"}
Nashville Wire: Pedal Steel Guitar
An excellent collection of fine pedal steel work that finally makes this complex instrument available to desktop music producers worldwide.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chromosphere",name:"Ma Ja Lé: Electronic Imprints and Astrobeats",date:"63181123200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"5"}
Ma Ja Lé: Electronic Imprints and Astrobeats
Intense percussion loops, disintegrating analog instruments, forbidden Theremin transmissions, solarized electric guitars, and more.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"georgependergast2",name:"George Pendergast: Essential Percussion",date:"63170755200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
George Pendergast: Essential Percussion
Essential Percussion takes a non-traditional approach and provides sounds that will integrate easily with a wide variety of styles.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"alexspurkel",name:"Electro-World Percussion",date:"63167731200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"3"}
Electro-World Percussion
A dependable resource for traditional Middle Eastern drumming, and the perfect all-in-one groove tool for world-influenced electronica.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bunker8",name:"Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats",date:"63162374400000",rating:"5.000",sold:"3"}
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats
A collection of extremely harsh beat loops for industrial, postrock, crunchy downtempo, abstract hip-hop, and sheer noise tracks.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"acidrocklfa",name:"ACID Rock",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.330",sold:"17"}
A complete rock construction kit of drum, guitar, bass, piano, clavinet, synth, and sax loops — over 800 in all.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"aciddjexpander",name:"ACID[R] DJ Expander Pack",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
ACID<sup>®</sup> DJ Expander Pack
Complete construction kit for DJs and dance music producers, packed with beats, basses, scratches, decks, FX, and more!
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"billlaswell",name:"Ambient Grooves",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"12"}
Ambient Grooves
Pulled from the vaults of iconoclast producer Bill Laswell, this library blends instrumental sounds from all points of the globe.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bassx",name:"Bass X",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"9"}
Bass X
A diverse collection of Groove Addicts bass riffs perfect for anchoring the low end of a very wide variety of music.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"davidtorn",name:"David Torn: SPLaTTeRCeLL",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
David Torn: SPLaTTeRCeLL
A rich collection of sounds perfect for film scores, ambient electronica, and anything that needs that dark, subtle edge.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
The best of electro-hop, darkside, big beat and intelligent industrial music all rolled up into a single library with over 500 megabytes of content.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"fluid",name:"Fluid Dynamics: Computational Drum 'n' Bass",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Fluid Dynamics: Computational Drum 'n' Bass
A perfect, authentic drum 'n' bass excursion that has all the materials you need to realize pure form d 'n' b.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"futurist",name:"Futurist Drum 'n' Bass",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"5"}
Futurist Drum 'n' Bass
Undulating bass lines and fierce, pounding rhythms that cover all realms of the D’n’B spectrum, from hard-step to liquid.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"latinpercussion",name:"Joe Vitale: Latin Percussion",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Joe Vitale: Latin Percussion
Veteran library creator and master drummer Joe Vitale serves up sizzling Latin rhythms, percussion ensembles, and other vital instrumentation.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"hiphopvocals",name:"Mac Money: Hip-Hop/R&B Vocals",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"11"}
Mac Money: Hip-Hop/R&B Vocals
Once you’ve laid your flows over Mac Money beats, trick out your production with first class soul/R&B vocals and MC callouts.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"briandaly",name:"Metarock Visions",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.000",sold:"12"}
Metarock Visions
Metarock Visions, the brainchild of veteran library producer Brian Daly, is a collection of the best guitars, basses, drums, and synths.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"methodsofmayhem",name:"Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"13"}
Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit
Finally, an industrial library that’s all killer and no filler, just 500+ megabytes of mysterious and delirious guitars, synths, beats, and rhythms.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"whiskey",name:"Paul Black: Blues Guitar",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.500",sold:"16"}
Paul Black: Blues Guitar
Sultry, jagged and completely authentic, Paul Black lays down a gold mine of authentic, traditional blues guitar loops.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"drumsugar",name:"Siggi Baldursson: Drumsugar",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"9"}
Siggi Baldursson: Drumsugar
A generous array of traditional and not-so-traditional beats, breaks, fills, and one-shots from Sugarcubes timekeeper Siggi Baldursson.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"vinceandrews",name:"Vince Andrews: Jazz Solos and Sections",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.500",sold:"8"}
Vince Andrews: Jazz Solos and Sections
All that jazz plus a little something extra. Pluck out a few classy riffs or turn your track upside down with some bonus processed material.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"marcanderson",name:"World Percussion",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.670",sold:"7"}
World Percussion
Get your passport stamped with World Percussion, a perfect fusion of expertly played tribal sounds by master drummer Marc Anderson.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"worldpop",name:"World Pop",date:"63082281600000",rating:"1.000",sold:"12"}
World Pop
Give your next hit song the global treatment with this collection of exotic, East-Indian instrumentation filtered through traditional pop sensibilities.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
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