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{mnemonic:"complexelectrofunk",name:"Complex Electro-Funk: Eight Kits",date:"63542836995130",rating:"0.000",sold:"19"}
Complex Electro-Funk: Eight Kits
Complex Electro-Funk merges funk and EDM in a producer-friendly package of eight sessions with real versatility and tons of choices.
$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"smolderingscores",name:"Smoldering Scores: Cinematic Electronica",date:"63537563274927",rating:"0.000",sold:"24"}
Smoldering Scores: Cinematic Electronica
12 construction kits that can mirror the curves of any story’s tension and suspense levels. Include a bonus folder full of emotional piano motifs.
$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"djpuzzle2",name:"DJ Puzzle: Dubstep Complete",date:"63472762500000",rating:"2.670",sold:"15"}
DJ Puzzle: Dubstep Complete
Six expansive dubstep construction kits and a bonus folder full of transition FX bring royalty free dubstep to your desktop.
$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"charm",name:"Charm: relaxing : commercial : downtempo : idm",date:"63435225600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
Charm: relaxing : commercial : downtempo : idm
32 construction kits calibrated for success in pop songs, commercials, film, and multimedia. Why settle for cheesy when you can have charming?
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"xcore",name:"X-Core: Hardcore Techno Construction Kit ",date:"63407267100000",rating:"4.000",sold:"14"}
X-Core: Hardcore Techno Construction Kit
X-Core: Hardcore Techno Construction Kit delivers industrial strength hardcore the way you like it – loud, dirty, heavy, and fast.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"dirtydisco",name:"Dirty Disco: Nouveau Breakbeat",date:"63362093460000",rating:"4.000",sold:"10"}
Dirty Disco: Nouveau Breakbeat
Flashy, trashy breaks with a flair for the dramatic, Dirty Disco is dance floor gold tempered with a rhinestone studded fist.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"djpuzzle",name:"DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics",date:"63342635280000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics
Explore the best of the urban underground with this scratch-based construction kit that focuses on the 'tables as its primary sound source.
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"afterhoursedm",name:"Afterhours EDM: Electronic Dance Music",date:"63341395200000",rating:"4.500",sold:"12"}
Afterhours EDM: Electronic Dance Music
Fifteen templates packed with vibrant e-music instrumentation provide ultimate flexibility in this eclectic collection for the late night club set.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"trancenrg2",name:"Trance NRG2",date:"63246700800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Trance NRG2
A new table of synthetic elements of progressive dance, trance, and techno from Peace/Love Productions guaranteed to blow up the dance floor.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"trancenrg",name:"Trance NRG",date:"63181123200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Trance NRG
A balanced set of do-it-yourself beats, crisp arpeggios, long sweeps, saturated leads, clean basses, and club style scratches.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"aciddjexpander",name:"ACID[R] DJ Expander Pack",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
ACID<sup>®</sup> DJ Expander Pack
Complete construction kit for DJs and dance music producers, packed with beats, basses, scratches, decks, FX, and more!
$29.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"ddt",name:"Designer Dance Tools",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.000",sold:"7"}
Designer Dance Tools
Enroll yourself in Dance Music 101. DDT is a perfect balance of DJ and rave culture beats, basses, decks, and FX.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
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