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{mnemonic:"complexelectrofunk",name:"Complex Electro-Funk: Eight Kits",date:"63542836995130",rating:"0.000",sold:"8"}
Complex Electro-Funk: Eight Kits
Complex Electro-Funk merges funk and EDM in a producer-friendly package of eight sessions with real versatility and tons of choices.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"smolderingscores",name:"Smoldering Scores: Cinematic Electronica",date:"63537563274927",rating:"0.000",sold:"12"}
Smoldering Scores: Cinematic Electronica
12 construction kits that can mirror the curves of any story’s tension and suspense levels. Include a bonus folder full of emotional piano motifs.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"evacsessions",name:"EVAC Sessions: Dark Electronica",date:"63512093043717",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
EVAC Sessions: Dark Electronica
EVAC Sessions: Dark Electronica is a self-contained universe of sounds for making dark, deeply textured original music.
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{mnemonic:"charm2",name:"Charm 2: relaxing : commercial : downtempo : idm",date:"63489880937000",rating:"0.000",sold:"5"}
Charm 2: relaxing : commercial : downtempo : idm
Adrian Walther's second Sound Series outing delivers 25 fresh construction kits that are as easy to listen to as they are to use.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"djpuzzle2",name:"DJ Puzzle: Dubstep Complete",date:"63472762500000",rating:"2.670",sold:"8"}
DJ Puzzle: Dubstep Complete
Six expansive dubstep construction kits and a bonus folder full of transition FX bring royalty free dubstep to your desktop.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"evacbeats",name:"EVAC Beats: Composite Rhythms for Electronic Music",date:"63465526260000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
EVAC Beats: Composite Rhythms for Electronic Music
500 Quadrant 5 beat loops and one shots for electronic music creation at the ready made, multi-layered, or atomic levels.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"manhattanflutes",name:"Manhattan Flutes",date:"63461887500000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Manhattan Flutes
A 24-bit, Artist Integrated, overstuffed, and superbly organized title full of incredible jazz flute themes and improvisations.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"dnabass",name:"DNA Bass",date:"63452721480000",rating:"5.000",sold:"4"}
DNA Bass
Great bass lines for making rock, pop, jazz, R&B, and reggae. DNA Bass grooves perfectly with its Artist Integrated partners.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"vertustudioguitars",name:"VertuStudio Guitars",date:"63452721480000",rating:"0.000",sold:"13"}
VertuStudio Guitars
Classic guitars, amps, and effects deliver riffs and licks tailored for looping and interlocking play. Artist Integrated for accelerated workflow.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cleanroom",name:"Cleanroom Electronica",date:"63447367860000",rating:"0.000",sold:"8"}
Cleanroom Electronica
A complete construction kit for building sophisticated electronica tracks — nearly one thousand sounds couched in just under a gigabyte of data.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cinemascape2",name:"Cinemascape II: Soundtrack Construction Elements",date:"63432892800000",rating:"4.000",sold:"14"}
Cinemascape II: Soundtrack Construction Elements
Unchain yourself from pre-packaged tracks and let Cinemascape sound files help shape the emotional content of your media.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"whiterabbitasylum",name:"Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum",date:"63412791180000",rating:"5.000",sold:"8"}
Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum
Deep, otherworldly, sad, scary, and emotional soundscapes drawn from Justin Lassen’s private aural scrapbooks of the strange. A complete construction kit.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"continentaldriftaftershocks",name:"Continental Drift: Aftershocks",date:"63403290540000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Continental Drift: Aftershocks
Aftershocks enhances the Continental Drift experience with additional instruments and a major extension of performances included on the main title.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"continentaldrift",name:"Continental Drift: World Music Loops & Samples",date:"63399141300000",rating:"3.500",sold:"10"}
Continental Drift: World Music Loops & Samples
An exclusive Premium Collection title featuring African, Asian, Arabic, Celtic, East Indian, Gypsy, and Native American sounds.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"acidlatin",name:"ACID Latin",date:"63390074880000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
ACID Latin
A giant platter of red-hot sample food produced in the heart of San Francisco by Santana rhythm ace Karl Perazzo.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"whatitis",name:"What It Is! '70s Analog Funk",date:"63376001760000",rating:"5.000",sold:"8"}
What It Is! '70s Analog Funk
Fifteen sessions that'll put you on the fast track to making the tightest funk this side of the Apollo.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"metal",name:"Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit",date:"63352368000000",rating:"4.500",sold:"30"}
Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit
The definitive heavy metal construction kit delivered in 24-bit sound and stacked with everything from mixable drum performances to vocal loops.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"devinemanuscript",name:"The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection",date:"63342000000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection
Boutique sound design, subliminal rhythms, and dark, unbridled electronica from the enlightened mind of Richard Devine. Includes exclusive video content.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"drfink2",name:"Matt Fink: StarVu Session Keys",date:"63333532800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Matt Fink: StarVu Session Keys
Doctor Fink is back with another 2CD, 24-bit Premium Collection of signature keyboard magic, but this time he’s jamming along with the Quartet!
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"huxley",name:"Parthenon Huxley's Six-String Orchestra",date:"63333532800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
Parthenon Huxley's Six-String Orchestra
Unlock the full potential of the Artist Integrated Quartet with Parthenon Huxley’s 24-bit, double-disc opus of sublime rock/pop guitar.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"drumsfromthebigroompc",name:"Drums from the Big Room: The Mixes",date:"63322560000000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Drums from the Big Room: The Mixes
The Big Room experience distilled into two discs packed with 24-bit stereo mixes, one-shots, and two exclusive multitrack sessions not included in the box set.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"vitaldrums",name:"Vital Drums: The Vitale Collection",date:"63304675200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"9"}
Vital Drums: The Vitale Collection
Rock solid, 24-bit drum grooves and vintage kit one-shots from master time keeper Joe Vitale and Joe Vitale, Jr.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"tonyfranklin",name:"Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass",date:"63273225600000",rating:"4.000",sold:"8"}
Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass
Our Premier Artist Integrated release, smartly organized into 15 jam-packed session folders. Rock out with the Fretless Monster!
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"drfink",name:"Dr. Fink's Funk Factory",date:"63257241600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Dr. Fink's Funk Factory
A virtual clinic in funk, this complete construction kit from Prince alumnus Matt Fink includes all the vintage keys and classic drum sounds that helped define an era.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cinemascape",name:"Cinemascape: Soundtrack Construction Elements",date:"63249033600000",rating:"4.200",sold:"20"}
Cinemascape: Soundtrack Construction Elements
A broad assortment of textures and melodies designed to inform and interface with visual information.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"arhythmia1",name:"arhythmiA: Drums & Drones, Volume One",date:"63237456000000",rating:"5.000",sold:"11"}
arhythmiA: Drums & Drones, Volume One
Two discs full of sinister 24-bit alchemy created by Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon and NIN sound designer Keith Hillebrandt.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"arhythmia2",name:"arhythmiA: Drums & Drones, Volume Two",date:"63237456000000",rating:"5.000",sold:"8"}
arhythmiA: Drums & Drones, Volume Two
Volume Two in the 24-bit, double-disc arhythmiA saga is packed with epic drones and masterfully played and produced beats.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"sonicexcursions",name:"Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar",date:"63213868800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"11"}
Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar
A 24-bit collection of acoustic guitar performances perfect for multimedia producers who need music that reflects sensitivity, calmness, and understated elegance.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"leocavallo",name:"Songwriter's Acoustic Guitar Companion",date:"63175593600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"33"}
Songwriter's Acoustic Guitar Companion
A double-disc, 24-bit journey into the heart of acoustic guitar songwriting, performed and edited by veteran library developer Leo Cavallo.
US$69.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
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