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{mnemonic:"urbanpoet",name:"Urban Poet/Ten Hits: Hip-Hop Construction Kit",date:"63515790681120",rating:"4.000",sold:"64"}
Urban Poet/Ten Hits: Hip-Hop Construction Kit
Urban Poet/Ten Hits features ten construction kits equipped with everything you need to move fully produced hip-hop sessions.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"newretrodance",name:"New Retro Dance Excursions",date:"63515790653310",rating:"5.000",sold:"40"}
New Retro Dance Excursions
A sublime construction kit that dares you to dig in and pave imaginary autobahns leading to dance floors unstuck in time.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"sunrisesoul",name:"Sunrise Soul: Smooth R&B",date:"63498332288310",rating:"3.250",sold:"38"}
Sunrise Soul: Smooth R&B
Smooth R&B sounds for refined tastes. Enjoy natural, freely expressed musical ideas with lots of signature hooks and wide open spaces.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"beautymarks",name:"Beauty Marks",date:"63481745407000",rating:"2.000",sold:"6"}
Beauty Marks
Connect Beauty Marks’ ambient soundscapes with your imagery and achieve the perfect marriage of sound and vision.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"vertigotech",name:"VertigoTech: Electronica by Dual Shaman",date:"63446663340000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
VertigoTech: Electronica by Dual Shaman
Twenty complete construction kits make VertigoTech a great resource for crafting inventive dance music with an instant classic feel.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"charm",name:"Charm: relaxing : commercial : downtempo : idm",date:"63435225600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
Charm: relaxing : commercial : downtempo : idm
32 construction kits calibrated for success in pop songs, commercials, film, and multimedia. Why settle for cheesy when you can have charming?
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{mnemonic:"austeritymeasures",name:"Austerity Measures: Electronica by EVAC",date:"63425054700000",rating:"0.000",sold:"12"}
Austerity Measures: Electronica by EVAC
Dive into a complete construction kit informed by the best IDM, electro, and ambient sounds of the last two decades.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"backpackerbeats",name:"Backpacker Beats: Hip-Hop Construction Kit",date:"63417628080000",rating:"4.000",sold:"17"}
Backpacker Beats: Hip-Hop Construction Kit
A perfect blend of real and machine sounds bearing the fat and spectral DNA stamp of approval. A complete construction kit.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"xcore",name:"X-Core: Hardcore Techno Construction Kit ",date:"63407267100000",rating:"4.000",sold:"14"}
X-Core: Hardcore Techno Construction Kit
X-Core: Hardcore Techno Construction Kit delivers industrial strength hardcore the way you like it – loud, dirty, heavy, and fast.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chaostheory",name:"Chaos Theory Electronica",date:"63400791420000",rating:"3.500",sold:"5"}
Chaos Theory Electronica
Hard electro beats, synth experiments, mechanized rhythms, rich textures, FX and more, built to test the limits of electronic music.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"microcosm",name:"Microcosm: System-Integrated Electronica",date:"63385056180000",rating:"0.000",sold:"5"}
Microcosm: System-Integrated Electronica
A benchmark on the trail of an evolving artist, and a complete construction kit for exploring minimal electronic music forms.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"downtempohiphop",name:"Downtempo/Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series",date:"63377200800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
Downtempo/Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series
A bale of loop content and sophisticated ACID Projects, all baked into a big downloadable chunk and offered at an unbeatable price.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"8bitweapon",name:"8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey",date:"63375919080000",rating:"4.000",sold:"21"}
8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey
A massive collection of chiptune style loops and samples created using vintage computers and video game consoles.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"huxley2",name:"P. Hux Power Trio",date:"63372890220000",rating:"4.500",sold:"17"}
P. Hux Power Trio
Parthenon Huxley delivers a flight case full of no frills riff rock. Enjoy 1,500 royalty-free guitar, bass and drum loops.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"evolver",name:"Evolver: Distinctive Electronica",date:"63370477320000",rating:"5.000",sold:"8"}
Evolver: Distinctive Electronica
Eclectic eccentrics 3kStatic explore all modes of electronica to bring you over 500 unique loops and samples.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"kjsawka",name:"KJ Sawka presents Drum 'n' Bass and Beyond",date:"63367519920000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
KJ Sawka presents Drum 'n' Bass and Beyond
A power packed set of mind bending drum 'n' bass, dub-step, and breakbeat tools, created by internationally known artist KJ Sawka.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"editors",name:"Music & Sound for Film: The Editor's Companion",date:"63365112420000",rating:"5.000",sold:"18"}
Music & Sound for Film: The Editor's Companion
From Foley and title sequence effects to extended music beds and stingers, this collection is a must-have for video editors.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"dirtydisco",name:"Dirty Disco: Nouveau Breakbeat",date:"63362093460000",rating:"4.000",sold:"10"}
Dirty Disco: Nouveau Breakbeat
Flashy, trashy breaks with a flair for the dramatic, Dirty Disco is dance floor gold tempered with a rhinestone studded fist.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"latinhiphop",name:"Latin Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series",date:"63360662400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Latin Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series
Our debut Hybrid Series title delivers stunning tracks in a presentation drawn from deep within the vast Sony Sound Series archive.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"pulse",name:"Pulse: Pure Analog Lifeforms",date:"63359592240000",rating:"4.670",sold:"9"}
Pulse: Pure Analog Lifeforms
Warm analog synthesis and complex beat structures performed by Richard Devine and crafted on vintage, esoteric gear.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bunker8phd",name:"Bunker 8: Progressive House Dynamics",date:"63357851880000",rating:"4.500",sold:"5"}
Bunker 8: Progressive House Dynamics
Deliciously dark, surprisingly funky, and rhythmically relentless, Progressive House Dynamics features 20 construction kits of banging dance floor anthems.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bhangrabreaks",name:"Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass",date:"63354614400000",rating:"4.330",sold:"10"}
Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass
DJ Rekha and noted bhangra producer Sunil Sehgal deliver the core elements of contemporary bhangra, wrapped in the urban underground vibe of the NYC Basement Bhangra® scene.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"essentialsoundsi",name:"Essential Sounds I",date:"63353520180000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
Essential Sounds I
The grand finale in our reissue series, these are the most primordial loops ever to carry ACIDization metadata in their DNA.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"flowfunction",name:"Flow & Function: The Hip-Hop Playbook",date:"63352195200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"9"}
Flow & Function: The Hip-Hop Playbook
Old school hip-hop funkadelics and deep pockets of mushroom jazz comprise our ’08 entry under the bestselling lukecage nom de plume.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"virunis2",name:"Vir Unis: Bug Report",date:"63351204360000",rating:"0.000",sold:"5"}
Vir Unis: Bug Report
This ambient pioneer’s sophomore effort delivers a fusion of space music and glitch-based electronica.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"undergrounduk",name:"Underground: UK House & Electro",date:"63349862400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"8"}
Underground: UK House & Electro
Get your Tube pass and head straight to the UK underground for a sexy, bombastic sound clash of cutting edge house and electro.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"universalgroove",name:"Universal Groove Elements",date:"63346978560000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Universal Groove Elements
From hip-hop to techno, bass lines to beats, this disc has it all — the definitive collection of all that moves and grooves.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"virunis",name:"Vir Unis: Infusion",date:"63346978560000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Vir Unis: Infusion
A unique collection of electronica loops, electro-tribal beats, industrial noisescapes, and deep space atmospherics.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"caliente",name:"Caliente: Reggaeton Construction Kit",date:"63346275600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Caliente: Reggaeton Construction Kit
Blaze up your DAW with these 15 session folders and get low with authentic Dem Bow rhythms and fierce instrumentation.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"blackpaint",name:"Black Paint: Indie Rock Anthems",date:"63343814400000",rating:"4.000",sold:"23"}
Black Paint: Indie Rock Anthems
From pop to garage rock to emo screamo, Black Paint comes with everything except the keys to the tour van.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"junkyardrhythms",name:"Joe Vitale: Junkyard Rhythms",date:"63342635280000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Joe Vitale: Junkyard Rhythms
A collection of sounds created by pounding away at metallic objects that yield maximum klang.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"afterhoursedm",name:"Afterhours EDM: Electronic Dance Music",date:"63341395200000",rating:"4.500",sold:"12"}
Afterhours EDM: Electronic Dance Music
Fifteen templates packed with vibrant e-music instrumentation provide ultimate flexibility in this eclectic collection for the late night club set.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cinematicfunk",name:"Cinematic Funk: Urban Tone Poems",date:"63339062400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Cinematic Funk: Urban Tone Poems
Lukecage gets deep on this soul-infused collection of smoky hip-hop and R&B rare groove artifacts.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chifire_deephouse",name:"Chicago Fire: Deep House",date:"63330768000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Chicago Fire: Deep House
Jackin’ beats, sun-kissed grooves, and authentic Chicago production elements from Trax Records co-founder Vince Lawrence.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chifire_drumnbass",name:"Chicago Fire: Drum 'n' Bass",date:"63330768000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Chicago Fire: Drum 'n' Bass
Fierce and frenetic drum ‘n’ bass with that industrial Chicago flavor, brought to you by pioneering producer Vince Lawrence.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chifire_electro",name:"Chicago Fire: Electro",date:"63330768000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Chicago Fire: Electro
Bodyrock movements, breakbeat anthems, and fresh acid disco from Vince Lawrence and the Slang MusicGroup enterprise.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chifire_oldschool",name:"Chicago Fire: Old School",date:"63330768000000",rating:"5.000",sold:"2"}
Chicago Fire: Old School
Vintage gear and classic themes resurrected and perfected by Chicago dance music pioneer Vince Lawrence.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"chifire_progressive",name:"Chicago Fire: Progressive",date:"63330768000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"0"}
Chicago Fire: Progressive
Raw, progressive electronica infused with that unmistakable Chicago vibe, crafted by Trax Records co-founder Vince Lawrence.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"rondobros",name:"Rondo Brothers: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples",date:"63328262400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Rondo Brothers: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples
San Francisco’s Rondo Brothers turn their trip-hop odyssey into a multi-instrumental sample library.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"modular",name:"Modular Electronica featuring Test Shot Starfish",date:"63325843200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
Modular Electronica featuring Test Shot Starfish
An organic IDM construction kit with West Coast flavor, featuring glitch rhythm programming, lush pads, esoteric synths, and soulful bass.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"flammable",name:"Flammable: Club Joints & Street Anthems",date:"63320400000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"12"}
Flammable: Club Joints & Street Anthems
Hip-hop construction kit includes 15 song starters. Royalty free use means your club bangin’ tracks are clean from the start.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"pocketdiva",name:"Pocket Diva: World Class Vocal Samples",date:"63317462400000",rating:"3.500",sold:"19"}
Pocket Diva: World Class Vocal Samples
World class vocal samples. Break out Pocket Diva for vocal drops on any track that needs a human touch.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"diamondcuts",name:"Diamond Cuts: Hip-Hop Gems",date:"63314006400000",rating:"1.000",sold:"10"}
Diamond Cuts: Hip-Hop Gems
A bottomless trunk full of urban construction kits and precious stone grooves from multifaceted hip-hop producer lukecage.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
Accessible, inventive electronica from Aaron Mellinger, creator of the perennially popular Aural E and Electrocution libraries. A full-on construction kit.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"loopnoir",name:"Loop Noir: Paranormal Sound Design",date:"63309600000000",rating:"4.670",sold:"9"}
Loop Noir: Paranormal Sound Design
Haunted, unearthly sound design from renowned industrial artist Nigel Ayers. A complete construction kit inspired by England’s infamous Bodmin Jail.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bradleyfish3",name:"Bradley Fish: High Strung",date:"63303984000000",rating:"5.000",sold:"7"}
Bradley Fish: High Strung
Chapter Three in the Bradley Fish storybook includes acoustic and electric guitars, low slung bass, world music accents, and more.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"iced",name:"Iced: Minimalist Electronica",date:"63301651200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Iced: Minimalist Electronica
Explore modern electronic forms from dub to dirge, crisp and melodic to moonscape static, syncopated and bouncy to completely flatlined.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"globalgroove",name:"Global Groove: International Hip-Hop Flavor",date:"63288086400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Global Groove: International Hip-Hop Flavor
A smoldering collection of pop-inflected dancehall, Reggaeton, and hip-hop grooves, sliced and diced into production-ready construction kits.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"rhythmicronics",name:"Rhythmicronics: Processed Percussion",date:"63279619200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Rhythmicronics: Processed Percussion
An intricately processed collection of feral grooves that lock up tight with all variations of esoteric electronica.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"structurecapture",name:"Structure/Capture: Future Retro Dance Excursions",date:"63276768000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Structure/Capture: Future Retro Dance Excursions
IDM complete construction kit perfect for crafting heady, downtempo electronica or future retro broken-beat tracks on any platform.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bestofsiggi",name:"The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops",date:"63273225600000",rating:"4.000",sold:"6"}
The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops
An Artist Integrated showcase of drum loops from former Sugarcubes drummer Siggi Baldursson, compiled by Fretless Monster Tony Franklin.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"platinumtheory",name:"Platinum Theory Hip-Hop",date:"63268992000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"13"}
Platinum Theory Hip-Hop
A hip-hop playbook with classic soul roots and progressive intent. Enjoy mixing materials from more than 60 unique construction kits.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"availablelight",name:"Available Light: Natural Music for Cinema",date:"63264758400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Available Light: Natural Music for Cinema
Maintain precise, micro-level control over timeline cues, anticipation, tension, and emotional impact with this essential film music resource.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"electroset",name:"The Electro Set",date:"63260524800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"2"}
The Electro Set
A well-balanced construction kit perfect for making killer West Coast electro with that classic German/Detroit feel.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
From smooth, traditional-sounding riffs and licks, to hybrid funk with heavy metal overtones, Synchro-Funk is a hard-quantized adventure in sound.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"trancenrg2",name:"Trance NRG2",date:"63246700800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Trance NRG2
A new table of synthetic elements of progressive dance, trance, and techno from Peace/Love Productions guaranteed to blow up the dance floor.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"eitheror",name:"Either/Or Electronica",date:"63232012800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"5"}
Either/Or Electronica
A complete IDM electronica construction kit produced by Twine’s Greg Malcolm, working entirely within the internationally acclaimed Twine sound space.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"souljazz",name:"Soul Jazz Experience",date:"63232012800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Soul Jazz Experience
A large assortment of jazz/funk phrases and progressions with a hard bop/post bop influence and a biting, vintage 1970s sound.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"mellowjazz",name:"Mellow Jazz/Funk Elements",date:"63227088000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"18"}
Mellow Jazz/Funk Elements
Electric piano progressions and airy musical phrases, served in a chilled downtempo pocket with just a hint of funk.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bradleyfish2",name:"Bradley Fish: Restrung",date:"63224668800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
Bradley Fish: Restrung
Rock, folk, blues, Asian, Arabic, and electronic forms converge in a construction kit that’s fun, flexible, and overflowing with possibilities.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"tonybrock",name:"Tony Brock: Rock Drummer",date:"63216720000000",rating:"4.000",sold:"8"}
Tony Brock: Rock Drummer
Rod Stewart, Bernie Taupin, Jeff Beck, and Roy Orbison have all enjoyed the Tony Brock sound. We think you will too!
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"organdonor",name:"Joe Vitale: Organ Donor",date:"63210844800000",rating:"3.670",sold:"9"}
Joe Vitale: Organ Donor
The Vitale production team strikes again with Organ Donor, a comprehensive library full of vintage Hammond B3 loops.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"westside",name:"Westside Underground",date:"63207302400000",rating:"5.000",sold:"9"}
Westside Underground
A complete construction kit. Classic funk and R&B influences, woven into a seamless mesh of progressive urban sample culture ideas.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"numina2",name:"Numina II: More Peak Sounds for Cinema",date:"63203500800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Numina II: More Peak Sounds for Cinema
Lush, slowly evolving soundscapes, deep rhythms, and sustained, stackable sound elements that provide varying degrees of tension.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"blip",name:"Blip: Glitch Electronica",date:"63201945600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Blip: Glitch Electronica
Blip is an astounding library that contains meticulously produced audio assets designed specifically for the production of glitch electronica music.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"sweetandlow",name:"Sweet & Low Bass",date:"63201945600000",rating:"2.000",sold:"11"}
Sweet & Low Bass
Eight hundred bright, growly, and aggressive bass loops for making funk, rock, and progressive music tracks.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"rhythmtwang",name:"Troy Klontz: Rhythm & Twang",date:"63198662400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"19"}
Troy Klontz: Rhythm & Twang
Troy Klontz (Brooks & Dunn) -produced county music loops: fiddle, guitar, bass, and Troy’s own incomparable pedal steel guitar riffs!
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"nigelayers",name:"Nigel Ayers: Myths of Technology",date:"63198144000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Nigel Ayers: Myths of Technology
Machine music, electro-acoustic sound design, musique concrete, and all manner of noise making, from Nocturnal Emissions’ own Nigel Ayers.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
An electrifying assortment of beats, basses, pads, and FX for making electronica, breakbeat, jungle, industrial, and glitch music forms.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"electrolounge",name:"Electro Lounge",date:"63191577600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Electro Lounge
A construction kit full of mellow grooves, intelligently funky basses, and sparkly ear candy, for making smooth, laid back tracks.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"esoterik",name:"Esoterik Beatz",date:"63191577600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Esoterik Beatz
A trippin’ rhythm generator for all beats underground, minimal, downtempo, experimental, and in every way phat and unbelievable.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bunker8c",name:"Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths",date:"63188899200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths
A collection of gnarly synth lines and noises for applying negative Feng Shui to all your techno, industrial, and dark hip-hop tracks.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"machinelanguage2",name:"Machine Language II",date:"63188899200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"3"}
Machine Language II
The West Coast underground vibe continues. Acquire part two of the Drukman manifesto, expertly ACIDized and delivered right to your desktop.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"discrete1",name:"Discrete Drums: Volume I",date:"63185961600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"11"}
Discrete Drums: Volume I
Sparkling rock/pop acoustic kit drum and percussion grooves, customizable to meet the most demanding professional music production needs.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"jazztrap",name:"Jazz Trap Kit",date:"63185961600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Jazz Trap Kit
Everything you need to make real, natural-sounding jazz drum tracks in ACID, and a host of other hardware and software engines!
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"americanpiano",name:"American Piano",date:"63184147200000",rating:"4.000",sold:"17"}
American Piano
Traditional country blues, stride, and country rock & ballad loops, performed by a seasoned pro and edited to perfection.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"discrete2",name:"Discrete Drums: Volume II",date:"63184147200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"11"}
Discrete Drums: Volume II
The Discrete Drums production team provides loops with incredible options for customizing every aspect of your rhythm track!
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"essentialsoundsIII",name:"Essential Sounds III",date:"63184147200000",rating:"1.000",sold:"7"}
Essential Sounds III
A comprehensive collection of drum, guitar, and keyboard loops, funky bass grooves, game-sound elements, and more!
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"trancenrg",name:"Trance NRG",date:"63181123200000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
Trance NRG
A balanced set of do-it-yourself beats, crisp arpeggios, long sweeps, saturated leads, clean basses, and club style scratches.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"jamesjohnson2",name:"James Johnson: Slow Silhouette",date:"63178358400000",rating:"5.000",sold:"15"}
James Johnson: Slow Silhouette
A 2 CD collection of long, sparse music segments designed for creating buildups, transitions, or even complete long form pieces of flowing, seamlessly composed music.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"underground",name:"Underground Soundlab",date:"63178358400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"15"}
Underground Soundlab
The Underground Soundlab is maximum 21st century hip-hop, a complete construction kit with unmatched levels of sophistication and fidelity.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bunker8b",name:"Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop",date:"63175593600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop
An R&B flavored dance music construction kit full of beats, bass lines, melody loops, and instrumental motifs.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"stevetibbetts",name:"Steve Tibbetts: Friendly Fire",date:"63173174400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"8"}
Steve Tibbetts: Friendly Fire
A singularity in the world of guitarists and producers, Steve Tibbetts provides exotic, awe-inspiring guitar and percussion layers.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"styluspressure",name:"Stylus Pressure: Urban Grooves On Digital Wax",date:"63173174400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Stylus Pressure: Urban Grooves On Digital Wax
The Stylus Pressure construction kit is pure urban magik – trippin' grooves and freaky sonic collages with the phat sound of pure vinyl.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"bradleyfish",name:"Bradley Fish: Unstrung",date:"63170755200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Bradley Fish: Unstrung
A grooving, wicked stringed instrument library featuring rock and metal guitars, shimmering acoustic riffs, zithers, dulcimers, sitars, and more.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"uglyremnants1",name:"Ugly Remnants: Volume One",date:"63170755200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Ugly Remnants: Volume One
There's something dark and beautiful waiting for you in this critically-acclaimed, multi-genre construction kit.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"jadehill",name:"Jade Hill: Rock/Pop Guitars",date:"63167731200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"15"}
Jade Hill: Rock/Pop Guitars
A pop songwriter's toolkit of chord structures, and guitar solos that range from clean and melodic to chunky and shredded.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"uglyremnants2",name:"Ugly Remnants: Volume Two",date:"63167731200000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Ugly Remnants: Volume Two
A second helping of versatile Ugly Remnants loops rounds out this stellar, multi-genre set from Endlessflow.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"ilona",name:"ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit",date:"63165312000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"12"}
ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit
The perfect background vocal construction kit. Gain complete control over your harmonies! Includes a great selection of diva samples.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"numina",name:"Numina I: Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema",date:"63165312000000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Numina I: Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema
A complete construction kit full of pure, sonorous sounds that reference common emotions and cinematic events in fresh, unique contexts.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"aurale",name:"Aural E: Eclectic Electronica",date:"63162374400000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
Aural E: Eclectic Electronica
An electronica construction kit featuring electroacoustic processing, media manipulation, realtime performances, striking sound effects, stinger and stager elements, and more.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"basstaster",name:"Bass Taster",date:"63160473600000",rating:"3.500",sold:"8"}
Bass Taster
A superbly played and recorded bass library containing acoustic, standard and fretless electric, synth bass, and Chapman Stick loops.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"mickfleetwood",name:"Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming",date:"63160473600000",rating:"3.000",sold:"26"}
Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming
Total Drumming reveals the core of the Fleetwood style, and showcases beats that changed the course of modern music.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"hydroponic",name:"Hydroponic Hip-Hop",date:"63157017600000",rating:"1.000",sold:"8"}
Hydroponic Hip-Hop
Harvest only the finest hip-hop components included in this completely legal construction kit from veteran library producer Brian Daly.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cinematix1",name:"Cinematix Volume 1",date:"63153820800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Cinematix Volume 1
A wide variety of high-energy, high-impact ACIDized audio assets, including loops, complete music beds, stingers, and sound effects.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"cinematix2",name:"Cinematix Volume 2",date:"63153820800000",rating:"5.000",sold:"6"}
Cinematix Volume 2
A wide variety of high-energy, high-impact ACIDized audio assets, including loops, complete music beds, stingers, and sound effects.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"headstrong",name:"Headstrong Grooves",date:"63153820800000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Headstrong Grooves
A modern electronica dance music construction kit in the popular UK garage and 2-step styles.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"acidtechnoexpander",name:"ACID[R] Techno Expander Pack",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
ACID<sup>®</sup> Techno Expander Pack
A complete kit giving you the materials to make electronica with superb sonic balance and fidelity.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"laswell1",name:"Bill Laswell: Volume I False Encryptions",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
Bill Laswell: Volume I False Encryptions
Bill Laswell reveals secret codes from the 2” analog underground in Volume I of the Bill Laswell Collection.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"laswell2",name:"Bill Laswell: Volume II Undocument",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"2"}
Bill Laswell: Volume II Undocument
From beats and hits to esoteric effects and guitars, explore 450 megabytes of sonic brilliance made to sculpt inside the ACID workspace.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"laswell3",name:"Bill Laswell: Volume III Letter of Law",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Bill Laswell: Volume III Letter of Law
The basic principles of Bill Laswell's production genius delivered intact, replete with cellos, sitars, synths, and drum ‘n’ bass components.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"ddt",name:"Designer Dance Tools",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.000",sold:"7"}
Designer Dance Tools
Enroll yourself in Dance Music 101. DDT is a perfect balance of DJ and rave culture beats, basses, decks, and FX.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"downtempobeats",name:"Downtempo Beats",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
Downtempo Beats
A construction kit collection of low slung, well hung grooves that emit the inescapable vibe of the downtempo scene.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"drumtools",name:"Drum Tools",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"20"}
Drum Tools
Two complete libraries - the exclusive Sony edition of the classic Drum Tools collection includes the Laid Back library as bonus.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"markpistel",name:"Electronic Point-Blank",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Electronic Point-Blank
A complete construction kit crafted by Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto, Consolidated) aimed squarely at the underground techno/dance music scene.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"eurotechno",name:"Euro Techno",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Euro Techno
No imported cheese here, just uptempo dance rhythms and trancy, high energy synths programmed with unmistakable European flare.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"georgependergast",name:"George Pendergast: alt.rockdrums",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"6"}
George Pendergast: alt.rockdrums
An assortment of unique grooves, complete with all the right breaks and fills you need to make complete tracks.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"rbdrums",name:"Groove Spectrum R&B Drums",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"7"}
Groove Spectrum R&B Drums
A virtual history of R&B, from its cold sweat beginnings to the machine-driven grooves of today's smoothest chart-topping R&B hits.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"horncraft",name:"Horncraft for R&B",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.500",sold:"19"}
Horncraft for R&B
Enjoy this tremendous collection of saxes, trumpets, and trombones produced by Blues Brothers and SNL alumnus Birch Johnson.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"totalspanishguitar",name:"Jade Hill: Total Spanish Guitar",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.500",sold:"10"}
Jade Hill: Total Spanish Guitar
An impressive collection of traditional and modern acoustic guitar performances that unfold with rich, colorful Spanish splendor.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"jamesjohnson",name:"James Johnson: Spektral Minimalism",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"10"}
James Johnson: Spektral Minimalism
A collection of shifting, amorphous atmospheres, long drifting soundscapes, elegant piano passages, and textures.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"saturn",name:"Ma Ja Lé: Ethereal Textures",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"2"}
Ma Ja Lé: Ethereal Textures
A group of tribal ambient sounds, and evolving, intricate soundscapes with lush, ultra high fidelity sound quality.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"macmoney",name:"Mac Money: Electro Hip-Hop",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"8"}
Mac Money: Electro Hip-Hop
Get that clean, crisp production sound with super-smooth beats, sounds, and vocals from the Mac Money team.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"macmoneyRB101",name:"Mac Money: R&B 101",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"4"}
Mac Money: R&B 101
A vast array of killer beats, super phat basses, funky keyboards and guitars make this the ultimate R&B construction kit.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"machinelanguage",name:"Machine Language",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"3"}
Machine Language
Producer/sound designer Jon Drukman (Bass Kittens, Random, Artificial Paradise) delivers a hard techno blow to the dome with this versatile library.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"newrootsreggae",name:"New Roots Reggae",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"10"}
New Roots Reggae
Invoke the true spirit of roots, dub, and dancehall Reggae with this library of authentic instrumentation and modern electronic elements.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"nydance",name:"New York Dance",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
New York Dance
The East Coast has a flavor all its own, and producer Doug Beck captures the essence of the New York sound with this perfect blend of contemporary dance loops.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"onthejazztip",name:"On The Jazz Tip",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.000",sold:"11"}
On The Jazz Tip
Jazz up your next production with this smooth and sexy library, packed with horns, keys, drums, and more.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"orchestral1",name:"Orchestral 1: Classical",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.330",sold:"12"}
Orchestral 1: Classical
Original music composed in tribute to the most beloved Baroque and Romantic period composers.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"orchestral2",name:"Orchestral 2: Modern",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.800",sold:"14"}
Orchestral 2: Modern
Original orchestral music celebrating late twentieth-century and contemporary milestones.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"orchestral3",name:"Orchestral 3: Cinematic",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.570",sold:"37"}
Orchestral 3: Cinematic
Complete orchestral pieces and individual instrument loops designed to enhance visual images.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"orchestral4",name:"Orchestral 4: Rock & Pop",date:"63082281600000",rating:"4.500",sold:"17"}
Orchestral 4: Rock & Pop
String, Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion loops scored with popular music in mind.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
This is the pure, perennial German techno zeitgeist. A complete construction kit for making fully developed electronica tracks that just won’t quit.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"robertrich",name:"Robert Rich: Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"11"}
Robert Rich: Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms
Flutes, drones, and the hypnotic minimalism that has become a Rich trademark are presented here with perfect fidelity and balance.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"rudysarzo",name:"Rudy Sarzo: Workingman's Bass",date:"63082281600000",rating:"3.670",sold:"9"}
Rudy Sarzo: Workingman's Bass
Big pallets of thick, round-wound bottom fasteners, trimmed for optimum treble and bite, and ready for delivery.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"processeddrumkits",name:"Siggi Baldursson: Zero-Gravity Beats",date:"63082281600000",rating:"5.000",sold:"5"}
Siggi Baldursson: Zero-Gravity Beats
Siggi’s back and he brought his effects rack. Get completely weightless with this collection of out-of-this-world, futuristic beats.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"funkyxtreamsI",name:"Techno Club Grooves I",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"1"}
Techno Club Grooves I
It’s time to kick back to the rave alarm. This collection is packed tight with synth loops and grooves for the new club scene.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
{mnemonic:"vortexualamplitude",name:"Vintage Analog Synths",date:"63082281600000",rating:"0.000",sold:"3"}
Vintage Analog Synths
Classic Arps, Rolands, and Moogs are just the beginning. Throw down some vintage flare with this ultimate collection of classic synth sounds.
$39.95 Add to Cart Add to Cart  Samples: Samples
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