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Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit
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4.5 stars

Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit

1115 (1037 MB) original, royalty-free WAV files.
From thunderous double kicks to drop-tuned riffs force-fed through power-hungry stacks, metal is a highly specialized style of music that continues to generate new mutations even after nearly four decades of constant shape shifting. Borne on the fist-clenched anthemic drive of monumental early 70’s rock, metal’s grim messages of apocalyptic mayhem are still ingested and reconstituted wherever you can find solid body guitars and copious amounts of electricity. Metal’s basic formula, however, remains constant: extreme music composition and precise execution on massive kit, all captured using intensive recording studio resources.

True to its name, Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit is a fully-formed, meticulously edited collection that leaves no stone unturned. A superb addition to our Premium Collection line of 2CD/24-bit titles, this tortured treasury of sound features seriously gristled guitars and basses, pummeling drums, guttural vocal spasms, and all the mandatory sonic accoutrements of the genre, including flexible drum mixing options that will take you deep into serious metal production. Recorded in one of Vancouver’s premiere studios and performed by hardcore practitioners, Metal is premium grade fuel for ACID software and every DAW that imports WAV files.

More than 1.2 gigs of royalty-free music and sound, detailed liner notes and sample information, photos, and an exclusive video all come together in this very special collection. If you feel like your auditory arsenal has gone a little soft, look no further than Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit.

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Customer Reviews

Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit
Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit
Metal: The Ultimate Construction Kit 4.5 5 2 2
Raw, Superb, Meticulously Organized. You could spend hours going through these loops looking for the right sound, and in this huge collection, you're bound to find what you're looking for. This is a great library for someone who knows metal, knows music arrangement and knows where to put everything. For everyone else, great accents for your other types of songs. Or a great library for you to start learning how to put metal songs together. Very meticulously organized. It's a two disc series. There are thirteen folders on disc one and nine folders on disc two. Included folders: Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Sound Design. Those are further divided into folders for Fills, Foundations, One-Shots & Patterns, Notes & Chords, Guitar Noise, and 6-8 time. Everything a musician needs to put together a great piece of music for whatever purpose. For Bass and Guitar, there are notes and chords folders that give you individual notes and chords (A,C,E,G) played at different lengths. Such as 8th, 16th, Sustained, Shorts, Tritone, Power and Triplets. This is an essential type of organization when dealing with sounds from actual instruments. Necessary so that users have precise control over their creations, and can really fine tune them down to the note. The drums vary in loudness - soft, hard, medium, side stick etc. And there are a lot of them to choose from. This is a wonderful library for anyone looking to make rock, industrial, or experimental tracks. I've been grabbing bits of guitars and sound design to drop into my cinematic orchestral creations. Highly recommended. June 30, 2013
Great title! If you are producing metal and/or industrial music for whatever purpose, this is a must have for your library. September 3, 2012
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