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Nashville Wire: Pedal Steel Guitar
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Nashville Wire: Pedal Steel Guitar

482 (460 MB) original, royalty-free WAV files.
Few modern musical instruments sound as breathtakingly beautiful as the pedal steel guitar. This is why we've dedicated an entire volume to the Nashville Wire: Pedal Steel Guitar library, an excellent collection of fine pedal steel work that finally makes this complex instrument available to desktop music producers worldwide. The Nashville Wire set portrays the pedal steel guitar in its most familiar milieu: the clean chords and time-honored transitions of country music, in top-notch performances using classic instruments and amplifiers. This collection provides the means to shape your own music with all the flowing, harmonically rich chord-to-chord transitions and accents that are totally unique to this magical instrument. Enjoy this royalty-free collection in ACID® software, and in all other production environments that utilize .wav files.

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