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Reviews of ACID products
"Higher quality and more polished recordings than before." Ben Pitt, PC Pro UK
ACID Pro 7 a really must have upgrade. If you have never worked with a version of ACID Pro, then I think that you will be in for a treat. It is incredibly fun to work with, really easy to use, and continues to improve dramatically. I very highly recommend ACID Pro 7. – T. Michael Testi for Blog Critics
A. Dorian of Houston Music Reviews puts ACID Pro 7 software to the test.
ACID Pro 7 software earned a Studio Score award from Studio magazine (Swedish), Issue 4, 2009.
Heath McKnight writes a very positive review of ACID Pro 7 software. He states, “This is a powerful DAW that every musician, sound engineer, etc., needs in his or her toolbox.”
Blast magazine editor-in-chief John Guilfoil has plenty to say about ACID Pro 7 software and calls its feature set “just plain delicious if you’re a musician.”
Curt Yengst of Radio World magazine tests ACID Pro 7 software in a radio production environment.
Radio Production magazine’s Steve Cunningham hadn’t looked at ACID Pro since 2002. Find out why he’s so psyched about version 7.
ACID Pro 7 is one of the most powerful pro-level DAW (digital audio workstation) packages on the market.
The Gadget Guy reviews ACID Pro 6 software.
ACID has gone on its own trip — and it’s a good one, a review by Sam Wheeler for EQ magazine.
APC Magazine Highly Recommends ACID Pro 6 software.
Jason Scott Alexander of Remix magazine, reviews ACID Pro 6 software.
Mark Cousins of MusicTech magazine takes a trip with ACID Pro 6.
Frank Moldstad covers the ins and outs of time-stretching in this tutorial for Digital Producer magazine.
Computer Music magazine review of ACID Pro 6.
ACID Pro earns Mix magazine's "Certified Hit" award at Winter NAMM.
Reviews of Loops & Samples products
Loops & Samples
“Liquid Planet” is a carefully curated library, which, despite the highly specific musical pedigree of its creator, could prove to be of utility to composers and producers of varying backgrounds. N. Halpern,
Working with the sounds in Pulse is a bit like getting a day pass to Devine's personal studio, with one of the world's most original sound designers supplying you with unique new timbres for your compositions. – Geary Yelton and Len Sasso for Electronic Musician
Journalist, comedian, and musician MC Rebbe reviews Chicago Fire, our 5-CD box set of dance music loops.
Reviews of Sound Forge products
Sound Forge
"Sound Forge Pro Mac proves its worth and relevance by doing audio editing very well, and ostensibly providing greater control than a DAW when it comes to mastering, handling of metadata, and alternate outputs formats." DJ TIMES, Wesley Bryant-Kind
"Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 is in my opinion the best sound editor available for the Mac." IT Enquirer
"Audio post-production, mastering, sampling, restoration: it can comfortably cover all such applications and is relatively easy to use with its clear and plain interface." Red Led, Audiofanzine
"Sound Forge Pro 11 offers a multitude of processors and an infinite number of choices to achieve the sound that you are looking for." Dave Plotkin, Radio World
"If there were a lifetime achievement award for audio editing software, Sound Forge would be the favored candidate." David English, StudioDaily
"It has really built up a reputation as the ‘go-to’ audio editor over the years, and with the inclusion of the new iZotope and Zplane plug-ins, there really is quite a collection of good restoration and editing plug-ins that you can use to get the most out of your audio processing." Gary Hiebing, AskAudio
"If you have serious audio editing to perform, you will want to take a look at Sound Forge." Jeremiah Hall, DoddleNews
"Whether your game is mixing, mastering, repair and restoration, sound design, forensics, or analysis, Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 2 provide a unified environment that will serve as your gateway to the highest plateau of creative audio design." Gear Junkies
"Sony's 'fresh start' approach to developing the Mac version has paid off. Sound Forge Pro Mac's suite of tools caters for all general editing tasks with ease." John Walden, Sound on Sound
"Absolutely packed with features. Slick, efficient interface. Excellent iZotope processing package. Flexible editing and processing optins. Problem-free for a new build." Music Radar
"It also supports Audio Units plug-ins, and surprisingly, Mac VST plug-ins, a feature that’s relatively rare for Mac applications, and a nice touch for those looking for the most audio-processing options." David Biedny, MacLife
"Sound Forge Pro Mac is an ideal solution for producers who need to record, edit, and deliver crisp, punchy, and perfectly optimized audio content for any purpose." Steve Beck, The Noise Room
Sound Forge Pro 10 is one of the most comprehensive and intelligently engineered audio enhancement suites on the market. — Geoff Poister for TV Technology.
This release also adds event-based editing, a host of workflow improvements, and interactive tutorials – all to help you edit with blinding speed on one of the most reliable audio engines ever built. – John Howard for Microfilmmaker Magazine
Space precludes a full consideration of all the new features, but, for me at least, the headline offering – full CD production without leaving Sound Forge 10 – makes this a very worthwhile upgrade on its own. – John Walden for Sound on Sound
Reviewing for Studio Monthly Justin Lassen writes, "In my opinion, the best just keeps getting better, and this release proves it. This is truly hot software, and you’ll thank yourself for grabbing a copy of it."
Steve Cunningham reviews Sound Forge Pro 10 for Radio and Production saying, "Sound Forge Pro 10 is to version 9 as a 2010 Ford Mustang is to a 1969 Boss Mustang...still wicked fast, still sounds like business, but so much easier to drive".
Guitaren Denmark reviews Sound Forge Pro 10. An English translation is available below the original review in Danish.
A review by Jeffrey P. Fisher for Digital Media Net highlighting "...a bevy of new features that keep you wondering how you ever worked without them."
“Sound Forge Pro 10 is a high performance digital audio editing and mastering tool packed with powerful real time editing and mastering effects, ideal for audio/video producers.” – Stephen Lupo
PC Advisor finds Sound Forge Audio Studio to have "a strong feature set for the money."
This cut-down version of Sound Forge 8 offers much of what makes its pricier sibling great.
Reviews of Spectralayers products
"Many tools claim to allow you to extract unwanted audio, but never has there been an app that handles this with such grace – allowing you to stare at a cross section of your sound and remove just the offending elements, leaving the rest sonically intact."- Charles de Montebello
"SpectraLayers Pro 2 is a powerful audio forensics program," Dave Plotkin, Radio World
"But if you also need powerful noise reduction tools for restoration, post-production audio sweetening or audio-forensics work, SpectraLayers Pro 2 is the only spectral processor I know of that gives you tools for executing all these tasks under one roof." Michael Cooper, Electronic Musician
"SpectraLayers Pro is an outstanding piece of software than can repair audio files in ways no other software currently available can ." Larry Jordan, Edit Smarter
"For anyone working professionally with sound, and for any job that is beyond a regular wave editor, SpectraLayers Pro 2 could very well be indispensable." Hollin Jones, AskAudio Magazine
"SpectraLayers Pro 2 is a pretty remarkable tool in what it can do..." Tom Michael Testi, BlogCritics
"This extraordinary program effectively allows you to 'paint' with sound." David Smith, Digital Producer magazine
Without a doubt, it deserves a place in the toolkit of every professional audio designer. Darien Graham-Smith, PC Pro UK
"I said in my review of SLP1 that I looked forward to new releases of the software. I was right. This is one worth taking a look at." Jeremiah Hall, DoddleNews
"Whether your game is mixing, mastering, repair and restoration, sound design, forensics, or analysis, Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 2 provide a unified environment that will serve as your gateway to the highest plateau of creative audio design." Gear Junkies
"I came to appreciate SpectraLayers Pro. It’s a new way, for the non-audio engineer, to think about sound and how to edit sound. I look forward to learning with it. I also look forward to new releases." Jeremiah Hall, DoddleNews
For anyone looking to explore the frontiers of sound, SpecttraLayers Pro would make a powerful addition to their toolkit. Michael Cooper, Mix
"Spectralayers Pro takes audio copy and paste functionality into whole new dimensions, shuttling blocks of sound between layers, and can be used in analysis and repair tasks as well as for radically creative arranging and rearranging of sound." Joseph Timmons, XombieWoof
"Who needs Spectralayers? ...the kind of people who love to get their hands dirty with audio, hunting down the peaks and valleys of a particular frequency to produce clearer sound. Those people will love having this new tool in their box." Bill Stiteler, Technology Tell
"Super-precise audio restoration, (with) many intelligent tools to help extract audio." Barry Rudolph, Music Connection
"For the serious sound editor working on complex audio projects, this is the program to get! It sets a new benchmark for noise reductino applications." Mark Speer, Videomaker
"A real eye opener as to what can be done with audio." Steve Beck, The Noise Room
"Sound Forge Pro Mac and SpectraLayers Pro work seamlessly together." Steve Beck, The Noise Room
"A revolutionary product for audio engineering and sound design. It gives you remarkable capabilities and tools for unprecedented sound shaping and remixing...truly amazing." T. Michael Testi, Blog Critics
"I think SpectraLayers 1.0 is a far better sample editor and spectral analysis/processing tool than anything else I’ve come across on the Mac." — Erik Vlietinck for IT Enquirer
"Isolate the male voice on that phone call! You can't really do that, except on TV, right? Well, with the tools in SpectraLayers and some time spent on the details, you can achieve results that you might have thought impossible before." — David McKnight for Streaming Media Producer
Reviews of Vegas products
"The software comes with the editing features and effects that you would expect from a professional editing application and many that exceed the norm." Odin Lindblom, VizWorld
"Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a powerful, affordable editing program." Mark Holder, Videomaker
"8.5/10: Sony Vegas Pro 13 is an outstanding professional video editing application." Danny Chadwick, Top Ten Reviews
"Superb media handling with wide codec support. Well suited for 4K editing. A nice collection of audio and video plug-ins." Oliver Peters, Digital Video
"Sony Vegas Pro 13 is an immensely powerful non-linear editing suite that is stable, responsive and a delight to use. " David Smith, Australian Videocamera
"Between the behind the scenes performance, support for virtually every file format, and loads of useful effects out of the box - you can't go wrong." Andre Elijah,
"Five stars: “An evolutionary update to an already highly evolved editor." Benn Pitt, Expert Reviews
“An impressive suite that serves video producers extremely well.” Ben Pitt, PC Pro UK
"Sony Vegas is one of the most affordable NLE packages around for the Windows user. " Jeremiah Hall, DoddleMe
"The most refined and efficient consumer editor around." Ben Pitt, Computer Shopper
"Sony Vegas Pro 12 is a solid update to one of the best video editing programs on the market today." Jason Bakker, Metal Arcade
"I found Vegas Pro 12 to be very easy to work with and very professional in its capabilities. " T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics
"3D capabilities help Sony's consumer-grade video editing software to stand out, and the precise editing and solid rendering speed make this an excellent option for consumers." Mashable
"By combining a familiar track-based timeline with hundreds of strategic innovations, users of Vegas Pro 12 Edit will appreciate its high-end performance and modern approach to content creation. " Dyana Carmella and Gordon Meyer, P3 Update
"The Vegas Pro 12 Suite is a winner!" Al Caudullo,
"…the range of production capability manifest within each software application of the Vegas Pro 12 Suite is simply staggering. Sony Creative Software have done a terrific job in bringing it all together under one impeccable workflow." Craig Hopkinson, SoundWrx Music
"With a laundry list of upgrades and improvements, Sony Vegas 12 Pro continues to be one of our favorite multimedia editors. Anyone who is using something older than Vegas 11 will see tremendous benefits in render speed, compatibility, and overall functionality."  Ken Brown, Legit Reviews
"Best Advanced Editing Software 2012. Vegas Pro 12 can do it all."
"Vegas Pro 12 can be a real champion for your editing needs. Those who want a professional editing program without fuss should give Vegas Pro 12 a look." Tony Gomez, Videomaker
"(Project Interchange Tools) are a major boon to editors as they can now work with any studio using these compatible tools." David McKnight, Streaming Media Producer
"Delivered the goods." Eugenia Lolo, Eugenia's Rants and Thoughts
"Quick turn projects using a variety of media are ideal for Vegas." Rick Spence, funkyfresh
"Sony Vegas Pro is a powerful editor that deserves to be taken seriously. This is a solid update, and there are enough worthwhile improvements to warrant the upgrade price." Ben Pitt, PC Pro UK
"Vegas Pro 12 was fun to cut with." Jeremiah Hall, doddle
"Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 is a solid video-editing program with a little extra oomph." Alan Stafford, PC Advisor UK
"A powerful 64-bit video editor at a reasonable price. Among consumer-level video-editin applications, Sony's Movie Studio Platinum is one of the most capable, offering more features than most of its competitors do." Alan Stafford, PC World
"It does deliver quite a lot of bang for the buck. It's one of the easier editing programs to navigate aournd after just a few minutes of using." Ryan Matthew Pierson, Locker Gnome
"The combination of precise, resopnsive timeline editing, powerful keyframe automation, sophisticated colour correct and blistering 1080p preview performance means that it's ready for critical business and creative use, too. 6/6 stars, Value for Money, Ease of Use, and Overall Rating." Ben Pitt, PC Pro UK
A review by Brent Holland for Videomaker magazine covering the new GPU acceleration, image stabilization, and stereoscopic 3D editing features of Vegas Pro 10 software.
A review of Vegas Pro 10 by Rod Scher for Computer Power User.
In this review of Vegas Pro 10, Scott Bourne (Photofocus) does something he's never done before — recommends a program that runs only on Windows.
If your current criteria for an HD NLE includes an easy learning curve, wide codec range, speed, stability and robust effects, the scale would tilt strongly toward Vegas. — George Avgerakis for HD Video Pro.
This version is a winner! You get better playback on DSLR footage, track grouping, OpenFX support, enhanced multicam, a few audio goodies, and 3D to boot. There's even more to love. — David McKnight for Event DV
Already more streamlined and efficient than its competitors, this update sees it taking them on for power — Ben Pitt for PC & Tech Authority
VMS is not only the fastest, least expensive, and most capable way to get you started, but will also take care of your video needs for quite some time. – Craig Anderton for Sound on Sound
Vegas Pro software earns VideoMaker Magazine's Best Video Editing Software of the Year.
I've tried several competing NLE programs, but Vegas Pro always comes out on top. It has an extremely intuitive design and is focused on user control, which gives me the flexibility that I need in my editing work. – Chris Brickler for TV Technology
A tutorial on using the Vegas Pro video preview by Jeffrey P. Fisher for Digital Media Net.
Tom Skowronski reviews Vegas Pro 9 software for VideoMaker calling it "The ultimate alternative solution to FCP and CS3".
Sony Vegas Pro users have it made with the great Production Assistant plug-in. As a Final Cut Pro editor, I really wish some of these features were in the software to help me automate many of the regular edits I do. — Heath McKnight for Digital Producer Magazine
Sony delivers a robust version 9 of its flagship NLE Sony Vegas with support for 4k video, including Red One, new user interface, and a barrel full of little tweaks and new features. – Jeffrey P. Fisher for Digital Producer Magazine
Jim Harvey of CreativeCOW takes a look the new release of Vegas Pro 9 and determines ''This is one of the most comprehensive editing suites out there.''
Europe's leading Imaging and Sound Association has awarded Sony Creative Software winner of the European HD Video Editing Solution category for Vegas™ Pro 9.

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Sound Forge, ACID, and Vegas software have defined digital content creation for a generation of creative professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts.

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