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Psychedelic Guitar
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Psychedelic Guitar

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In the world of innovative electric guitarists, Harvey 'The Snake' Mandel stands alone as an example of what one man can accomplish with an axe, stack, and effects rack. Coming up through blues and jazz, Mandel emerged as one of the pioneers of the psychedelic music movement, with a trademark style incorporating new techniques that changed the world of rock guitar forever. The Psychedelic Guitar collection is the culmination of decades of dedication to advancing the state of pyrotechnic guitar craft. Soaring leads, supple rock rhythms, special effects, and mountains of tone and sustain are presented here in a single overwhelming dose of loops that have all the natural feel of an improvised live performance. Created especially for use in the ACID® software workspace by The Snake himself, our Psychedelic Guitar library is a genuine classic from an original master.

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