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Rapoon: Sci-Fi Tribal
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Rapoon: Sci-Fi Tribal

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Robin Storey's genius is pristine, uncluttered by the extraneous influences of time and change. His history with the UK industrial underground ensemble :zoviet-france: is still a controversial topic in alternative music, and his massive catalog of solo releases as Rapoon is revered by ambient and experimental music listeners worldwide. The Sci-Fi Tribal collection is Robin's second Sony® Sound Series™ loop library, and the next step in a personal evolution of music that is firmly grounded in a well-established aesthetic that is becoming even more evocative and compelling. The spaces between Robin's mesmerizing loop points are filled with strange combinations of ethnic instruments, assorted noisemakers, found objects, obscure sound bites, and severe processing. The Sci-Fi Tribal library is a gateway to moods and atmospheres that will make lasting impressions on the listener, and a fine library that will fit easily into the tool kits of producers working in nearly every music genre.

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