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Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10
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Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10

2308 (4823 MB) original, royalty-free WAV files.
The Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series is a comprehensive collection of professional grade sound effects and dynamic audio design tailor-made to help elevate any production to the content quality standards of the Hollywood entertainment industry. The sounds in this astonishing series were hand-picked from Sony’s expansive archives, one of the most recognized and respected in cinema.

This ten-disc set contains over 2,300 effects in a wide assortment of categories, and includes liner notes and interviews with some of the genre’s most in-demand creators. Unlock the full potential of your artistic vision with the most exciting sounds ever recorded.

Volumes one through five and six through ten are available in separate boxed sets. Buy all ten volumes in this special boxed set and save $59.99.

Volume 1: Animals / Natural Elements
Volume 2: Backgrounds
Volume 3: Home & Office / Impacts / Weapons & Explosions
Volume 4: Vintage Cartoon / Sports & Recreation / Vocals & Wallas
Volume 5: Vehicles
Volume 6: Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror
Volume 7: Explosions / Combat / Weaponry
Volume 8: Backgrounds / Weather
Volume 9: Period Effects: Devices / Backgrounds / Combat
Volume 10: Period Effects: Vehicles

For more information and sample sound effects, see Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes one through five and six through ten.

Customer Reviews

Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10 5 5 5 5
This is such a fun product. I love adding in and messing around with theses sound effects. :D June 30, 2013
Quality The quality of the sound effects is top notch - not like the stuff you get for free off the Internet. Some of them are spot on "just what I was looking for", while others had me scratching my head wondering what they were and how I could use them. The animal sounds are good enough to make my dogs come running. They either bark or tilt their heads as they try to figure out the source of the sounds. The sound effects are good. I just wish that there were a lot more of them. June 28, 2013
Just like being at Sony Studios These effects are taken from Sony Studios actual sound effect library. You can't ask for a better collection from anyone. This collection is amazing and I use it for every video that comes through my company. The realism is unbeatable! May 18, 2013
About Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10 Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series, for a serious production, represents an indispensable sound collection with very good quality in every aspects; if you are looking for a large variety of sounds, this is the product that you must to have. May 1, 2013
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10 I really enjoyed going through this series and have already used some sound effects in my animations. I wish there was more about music sound effects I could also make use of. Germain August 25, 2012
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