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Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar
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Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar

289 (702 MB) original, royalty-free WAV files.
The Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar™ collection utilizes delicate acoustic guitar performances as the source materials for the production of bright, dazzling sound sculptures. J. Arif Verner is an incredible musician and a master of recording studio technology. Follow his complex signal path straight through to your ACID® software, and take advantage of delightful, beautifully processed sounds that echo, swirl, and shimmer! The Sonic Excursions library can stand alone as a construction kit for making sparse, beautifully arranged tracks – perfect for multimedia producers who need music that reflects sensitivity, calmness, and understated elegance. Used across music genres, the Sonic Excursions collection will provide that special touch of ear candy you need! Superb performances, lush and imaginative effects processing, and crisp 24-bit ultra high-fidelity sound make the 2-CD Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar an essential collection for producers working in all music genres.

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