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Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass
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Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass

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Tony Franklin is the 'Fretless Monster.' His bass playing is all about chops, tone, and taste, in proportions that sum to the kind of sound that people like Jimmy Page and bands like Whitesnake have used to full effect. Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass is a double-disc, 24-bit collection of hundreds of bass loops that comprise fifteen unique song structure themes, all performed by Tony on his customized Fender® Fretless Precision Bass®, the same instrument he used with Page in The Firm, onstage in Whitesnake, and in countless other sonic exploits.

In Tony's able hands, this instrument gives up the sound and the vibe that makes the P Bass® what it is: the ideal, essential, and inimitable sound of rock — yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The fretless aspect of Tony's style makes his playing unique in the world of hard rock celebrities, and the slippery lines of round wound steel on smooth ebony contain the curves of the distinctive Franklin signature.

Each of the fifteen flexible electric bass themes contained in this collection offer up all the elements of great rock tracks, from foundation to flash to finish. Enjoy this gritty (and sometimes pretty) collection in ACID® software, and every other hardware and software platform that supports the .wav file format.

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