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Sony and the Sony logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation of America. Catalyst Browse, Catalyst Prepare, and Catalyst Edit are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Creative Software Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Guidelines for Using Sony Creative Software Inc. Trademarks

The following are general guidelines for the use of Sony Creative Software Inc. ("Sony Creative Software") trademarks. You may not use Sony Creative Software Trademarks under any circumstance without the prior written approval of Sony Creative Software. If you are a party to an agreement with Sony Creative Software, please consult the terms and conditions of such agreement as it may contain special provisions regarding your use of Sony Creative Software trademarks.

1. Use the Appropriate™ or ® Symbol

A trademark that has been registered with a trademark office in the applicable jurisdiction is noted with a ®. A trademark that has not been registered with a trademark office is noted with a ™. Sony Creative Software requests that when you refer to our trademarks and registered trademarks you refer to them properly. Proper reference includes the use of the appropriate ™ and ® symbol at the first and most prominent reference in body copy or as soon as practicable thereafter for each section of a document in which such marks appear. Therefore, if you are printing a brochure that makes reference to a Sony Creative Software, you need only make reference to the trademark designation(s) once. However, if you are preparing a multi-chapter book, please add the appropriate designations to the Sony Creative Software Trademarks in each chapter in which the Sony Creative Software Trademarks may appear.

It is not necessary to include ™ or ® symbols in tables of contents and indices.

If the character set of your project lacks special symbols and superscript characters, use (R) instead of ® or (TM) instead of ™ on trademark notices. Note the capitalization and spacing.

Incorrect: Catalyst (TM) software
Correct: Catalyst(TM) software

2. Provide Appropriate Trademark Attribution
Include an attribution statement when using Sony Creative Software trademarks. The statement should read:
"[List of Sony Creative Software registered trademarks used, in alphabetical order] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Creative Software Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and other countries."

If it is not feasible to include the attribution statement (and if it is not required by any agreement you may have with Sony Creative Software), it is acceptable to use a general-purpose attribution statement in a form such as the following:

"All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners in the United States and other countries."

3. Use Sony Creative Software Trademarks as Proper Adjectives
Trademarks should only be used as adjectives to describe a specific person, place, or thing. As a result, Sony Creative Software trademarks must be used as an adjective with a generic noun. It is recommended that the Sony Creative Software Trademarks modify the following nouns: software, application, program, suite, and/or tool(s). Additional nouns are also recommended for certain Sony Creative Software Trademarks on a case by case basis in the Sony Creative Software Trademark List.
Example: When installing the Catalyst Browse™ audio enhancement software programs…

4. Never Use a Trademark in the Possessive
Incorrect: Catalyst Prepare™'s outstanding advantage…
Correct: The outstanding advantage of Catalyst Prepare™ software

5. Never Use a Trademark in the Plural
Incorrect: Choose any of Sony®'s software versions
Correct: Choose any version of Sony® software

6. Never Include a Trademark in a Hyphenated Phrase
Incorrect: Catalyst Edit™-compatible plug-ins…
Correct: Plug-ins compatible with Catalyst Edit™ software

7. Never Use a Trademark as a Verb
Incorrect: Your systems administrator can Catalyst Prepare™ your video footage…
Correct: Use Catalyst Prepare™ software to injest and backup your video footage…

8. Do Not Shorten, Abbreviate, or Create Acronyms from Sony Creative Software Trademarks
Incorrect: Use Browse to preview…
Correct: Use Catalyst Browse™ software to preview…

9. Use Correct Capitalization for Trademarks
Correct: Catalyst Edit™

10. Always place the trademark designation after the product title and before the version number and/or the modified noun
Incorrect: Catalyst Browse 2017.2™ offers streamlined media management
Correct: Catalyst Browse™ 2017.2 offers streamlined media management

11. Never Combine a Sony Creative Software Trademark with Your (or Another Third Party's) Trademark/ Product Name, Except Where We Have Agreed In Writing
Sony Creative Software trademarks are used to distinguish products manufactured and sold under license by Sony Creative Software from those of others. Combining Sony Creative Software trademarks with trademarks or product names of others would confuse consumers as to which company is the source of the product.

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