Memory Media Utility WINMAC
Memory Media Utility is software for enhanced convenience in media management that can be used with SxS memory cards.
Key Features:
  • Media information display
  • Simultaneous content backup to multiple destinations
  • Media formatting
  • SxS Memory Card library
  • SxS Reader Writer Display
  • SxS Reader/Writer (SBAC series) firmware update

Supported OS:
  • Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit)
  • macOS Monterey 12.4 or later, Ventura 13.2
    If you are using macOS 12 Big Sur and Monterey 12.3 or older, please use the older version.

Note: If installing on macOS, Open the "Security & Privacy" screen of "System Preferences" and be sure to "Allow" "Load system software" if read permission is required. For details such as precautions, refer to the included Release Note of Memory Media Utility.

Updating the firmware of the SxS Reader/Writer.
  • Before updating the firmware, check the "Setting Computer" described in the release note.
  • If the connection between the PC and the SxS reader/writer is unstable(It may or may not be recognized,recognition may be canceled without permission, etc.), there is a risk that the firmware update will fail.
  • In this case, do not carry out this procedure and contact the service window.
  • Never disconnect the cable or turn off the PC, during the firmware update.
  • If the message "Update failed" is displayed, do not remove the USB cable and try the firmware update again.
  • If a recording media is inserted in the SxS reader/writer, the firmware update cannot be executed,so remove the recording media before proceeding.
  • After updating the firmware, remove the SxS reader/writer, wait at least 5 seconds, and then reconnect.

Memory Media Utility updated on 17. Apr 2023


Select the following components to download:

Neueste Version

Memory Media Utility Memory Media Utility


Older Version(s)

Memory Media Utility

Memory Media Utility V5.0

  • Linkage with DriverKit Extension version SxS Device Driver V5.0.0
    Be sure to use this version of Memory Media Utility when using it in combination with the above version of SxS Device Driver. It cannot be used in combination with the old version.
  • Support for macOS 13.2 Ventura

Memory Media Utility V4.7

  • Support for Updating the Ver.2.16 firmware of SBAC-US30/SBAC-UT100
    (Improved stability when connecting SxS Pro X memory)
  • Keep the database for media management when uninstalling on the Mac version.
    (Similar to the Win version, the information (database) that was already managed can be inherited when it is reinstalled.)
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