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Blu-ray Offer

Enterprise Blu-ray Authoring
Blu-print, Blu-code encoder, and on-Q Create for Blu-ray Java are the most powerful applications available for Blu-ray disk production. For a limited time* we're offering three FREE Blu-ray titles to qualified trials. Learn More

*Offers valid November 9 - December 31, 2009 when purchasing directly from Sony Creative Software via links in this email.

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Reviewing Sound Forge Pro 10 for Studio Monthly Justin Lassen writes, "In my opinion, the best just keeps getting better, and this release proves it. This is truly hot software, and you'll thank yourself for grabbing a copy of it." Click here for full review

Music and Video Contests

Eva Natal Remix Contest
Infected Mushroom Remix Contest
Yakoozai Remix Contest
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InterBEE 2009, November 18-20, 2009, Makuhari Messe, Sony booth: 8212, Hook Up booth: 4206

The New Economics of HD Online Expo, November 19, 2009

SITEX, November 26-29, 2009, Singapore Expo, A-One Multimedia's booth: Hall 5, 5H33

RED Post Production Seminar, December 5, 2009

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Cinescore Spectacular: 60% off Cinescore and Theme Packs

Cinescore and Themes for Cinescore provide infinite musical possibilities for video scoring. It's conceivable that with just a copy of Cinescore and a single theme pack, you'll never run out of original music. But with multiple theme packs? That's infinity times sixteen. Limitless.

Cinescore continues to create exciting soundtracks worldwide, but it's time to move forward. We're currently developing next generation music creation technology and the current version of Cinescore will be the last.

To help you take advantage of limitless musical possibilities, we're offering 60% off of Cinescore software and Cinescore Theme Packs (box or download). Infinite soundtracking opportunities at incredible savings.

Save 60% on Cinescore and Cinescore Themes*
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Sound Forge Pro 10 Live Webinar

November 11, 2009 at 11:00am CST

Join us for a live web event covering the new Sound Forge Pro 10. This free broadcast will demonstrate how Sound Forge Pro 10 can make your editing job easier and more efficient. Chat directly with the people who have made Sound Forge Pro the most highly-regarded editing application in history – we'll answer your questions live!

Learn more and register here

1000 Ringtones Now Available

Personalize your iPhone with custom ringtones. 1,000 Ringtones for iPhone has the perfect sound for every caller in your address book. So simple—just load the disc, pick your ringtone, and synch to your iPhone—no downloading or fees! From Hollywood sound effects to great music clips to a wide variety of spoken ringtones, you're sure to find just the right sounds to fit your style. 1,000 Ringtones for your iPhone—there's no better, cheaper, or faster way to get great ringtones on your iPhone.

Click here for more information and samples

Breakout hit Paranormal Activity edited in Vegas!

It's the can-do Hollywood story of the year: independent film garners a cult following, then breaks through to become the #1 movie in America. Filmmaker Oren Peli's editing platform: Vegas Pro.

Read more about the Paranormal Activity production

 From our sponsor: 
Convology Impulse Library from now available Convology Impulse Library from now available

A tremendous collection of over 950 one-of-a-kind FX / SFX encompassing hundreds of the most unique real spaces ever captured! Film, Industrial, Commercial and Songwriters alike will fully realize the power of this incredible new pallet of sounds, created with some of the most exotic impulse responses ever captured! With new sounds, FX and SFX to work with, your productions will explode with creativity not currently available anywhere else!

Free samples | Purchase Now

Sound Forge Pro 10.0a update Windows 7 Certified

Are you running Windows 7? Concerned about Sound Forge Pro 10 performance? Worry no more, because the Sound Forge 10a update makes the application Windows 7 certified! Run the industry's leading audio-editing application on the latest OS.

Learn more about Sound Forge Pro 10.

Now available: Vegas Pro 9.0c Update

This update includes several key features and workflow items including:

  • Enhanced audio event timestretch and pitch shifting with zplane élastique Pro.
  • Added XDCAM EX (MP4) rendering.
  • MPEG-2 smart rendering now works across different container formats. You can smart render between identical operating points of XDCAM (MXF), XDCAM EX (MP4), and HDV (M2T).
  • Added support for RED devices and media to the Device Explorer.
  • Added support for additional AJA I/O hardware: XENA LHi and Io Express, including HDMI input and output.
  • Added support for BlackMagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme (4:2:2 only).
  • Added General Preference for Import stereo as dual mono which allows for working with two-channel audio as dual mono.

Haven't tried Vegas Pro 9 yet? This update makes it a must-have. Download a trial

Sony Creative Software on Broadway

Tommy Tallarico and Video Games Live
The New York Times called it a "captivating, proudly bombastic show." Sound designer, composer, and performer Tommy Tallarico has been using Sony Creative Software applications for everything from creating video game soundtracks to arranging and editing Video Games Live's overwhelming performances.

To learn more about Tommy's work and the multi-media extravaganza that is Video Games Live here

Sharooz Raoofi remixes Moby in ACID

UK-based electronic music artist, Dj, and producer Sharooz Raoofi has a hit on the British charts with his ACID-based remix of Moby's latest single, "One Time We Lived."

Sharooz writes, "I've been using Acid since 2000 and find the timestretch algorithm second to none. I used it to stretch all Moby's vocal parts on 'One Time We Lived'. Acid is ideal for my way of working – it makes it easy to merge and splice loops and sounds of various keys and tempos and bring them together into one part, creating original rhythm and synth parts. The Sony EQ and Wave Hammer plugins are always used on the mix buss and play a pivotal role in sculpting the overall sound. The Sony EQ is genuinely one of the sweetest sound software EQs I have heard and having it installed as a default on each channel on Acid Pro 7 makes working with it even better."

Download the remix here | Sharooz on MySpace

Joe Vitale Jr. produces Stephen Stills Live DVD/CD with Vegas Pro

Producer, performer, and all-around nice guy Joe Vitale Jr. just finished production of the new Stephen Stills disc, "Stephen Stills Live at Shepherd's Bush" in Vegas Pro 9.

"This past year I had the honor of working on the Stephen Stills Live DVD/CD "Stephen Stills Live at Shepherd's Bush" concert recorded in London in October of 2008. I was hired to do the digital audio editing for the 2 hour show. As with any project I work on, I turned to Vegas Pro 9.0. I have used every version of Vegas since it came out and 9.0 doesn't skimp on any features and made my production work seamless and smooth. I was given Quicktime 25 fps test footage from London in PAL format to do my edits. Being able to watch the show and edit made my work that much more enjoyable. I sent the rough drafts of the edits over to the Record Label (Rhino Records) who loved the mix coming from Vegas so much they hired me to do the final mixing for the show. Again, while I was mixing the audio, I was able to watch the performance and solo/mute instruments perfectly synced and in full screen. Relying on Vegas' ability to use DX and VST plug-ins, I was able to give the mix wonderful punch and sonic quality. The video production studio also requested 5.1 mix stems and Vegas pumped out all the mixes in both 2 channel and the stems for the mastering technician. Along with this project, I have also used all versions of Vegas on my debut album "Dancing With Shadows" which is also now available. Vegas along with all the Sony Creative Software products have been the main tools in my audio and video editing arsenal and continue to set the standard in digital audio editing on the Microsoft Windows Platform. Thank you Sony!"

Save on Joe Vitale Jr.'s Sony Sample Libraries by checking out this special promo

Sound Forge Pro 10: Feel the Burn
by Craig Anderton

Sound Forge Pro softwareMore people are bypassing traditional record studios and creating their own CDs at home, using "digital audio workstation" software (like Sony ACID Pro). But after creating a CD, you then need to think about distribution. Although you can burn discs as needed, there's an easier way: Many commercial duplicators can turn around hundreds (or thousands) of CDs within days at a reasonable cost. However, there are some important details you need to know when creating a CD for duplication. Click here to continue

Craig Anderton is currently working with classical guitarist Margarita Escarpa on mixing and mastering her latest CD. He is also Executive Editor of EQ magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of

Creating a basic text animation with the ProType Titler in Vegas Pro
by Gary Rebholz

Vegas Pro softwareThe Vegas Pro ProType Titler has become a hot topic as people continue to discover the potential that the tool contains for creating sophisticated titling for their video projects. So, I thought it was a good time to revisit the ProType Titler and give those of you who haven't yet used it the basics you need in order to get started. We introduced the ProType Titler back in September of 2007 with the release of Vegas Pro 8.0 and at that time we included a tutorial on the tool in this newsletter. This month's article is an updated reprint of that same article. It gives you a solid introduction to the tool and how you can use it to bring professional titles to your project. Click here to continue

Gary Rebholz is the training manager for Sony Creative Software. Gary produces the popular Seminar Series training packages for Vegas Pro, ACID Pro, and Sound Forge™ software. He is also co-author of the book Digital Video & Audio Production. Gary has conducted countless hands-on classes in the Sony Creative Software training center, as well as at tradeshows such as the National Association of Broadcasters show.