RAW Viewer est une application de visualisation pouvant gérer les fichiers Sony RAW/X-OCN enregistrés par des caméras VENICE/F65/F55/F5/NEX-FS700 avec SR-R4/AXS-R5/R7. Cette application permet de vérifier et de lire les fichiers, de contrôler les images et de générer plusieurs formats vidéo.

RAW Viewer updated on 28 Juin 2019


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RAW Viewer (RWV-10) RAW Viewer (RWV-10)
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Notes de version


RAW Viewer 3.3 Update

  • Support VENICE/CineAltaV V4.0 X-OCN format
  • Support VENICE/CineAltaV ACES IDT
  • Support EDL format File16/File32
  • Improved BIN functionality

RAW Viewer 3.2 Update

  • Support VENICE/CineAltaV V3.0 X-OCN format
  • Support X-OCN XT
  • Support Desqueeze ratio x1.25/x1.5/x1.8
  • Support DPX/OpenEXR viewing
  • Support Catalog PDF/CSV export
  • Improved Playlist and EDL functionality

RAW Viewer 3.1 Update

  • Support VEINCE/CineAltaV V2.0 X-OCN format
  • Support OpenEXR export with data compression
  • Support Playlist and EDL export feature

RAW Viewer 3.0 Update

  • Support for VENICE/CineAltaV RAW/X-OCN format
  • Support for aspect marker display or burn-in for export
  • Improved resize/crop function
  • Improved XAVC encode picture quality for HDR
  • Improved white balance adjustment behavior (Kelvin/Tint)
  • Improved user interface

RAW Viewer 2.3 Update

New Format Support
  • Added support for XAVC 4K Class 480 Decode/Encode
  • Added support for X-OCN files

HDR Support
  • Added support for importing HDR S-Log3/BT.2020 (F55/HDC-4300 XAVC) files
  • Added support for BT.2100
  • Added support for converting EOTF from S-Log3 to PQ, HLG and generate such LUT's
  • Added support for EOTF's on BVM-X300 (PQ and HLG Variable)
  • Added HDR Mode in WFM display

ACES Support
  • Updated ACES version 1.0.3 beta2

General improvement
  • Improved RAW de-bayer image quality
  • Improved Secondary monitor behavior
  • Added Vectorscope display

OS support
  • Windows 10 is now supported
  • Mac OS X El Capitan v10.11 is now supported

RAW Viewer 2.2.3 Update

  • Improved XAVC picture encode quality.

RAW Viewer 2.2.2 Update

  • Fixed several bugs that occur with the recent GPU/driver environment.

RAW Viewer 2.2.1 Update

  • Fixed a bug that prevented RAW files from previewing correctly when using the NVIDIA GeForce 340.52 drivers for Windows
  • Improved DPX/OpenEXR export performance

RAW Viewer 2.2 New Features

  • Export to XAVC
  • Export from XAVC and SStP
  • 2K/4K Monitor Output by Ultra Studio Series (Black Magic Design)

RAW Viewer 2.1.1 Update

Bug fix only: fixes a display error in the Tone Curve Editor when selecting SLog-2, SLog-3 and Aces Log.

RAW Viewer 2.1 New Features

  • Support New OS (Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and Windows8.1)
  • Selectable new Color Space and Tone Curve (S-Log3, S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.Cine)
  • XAVC Viewing and Look Control
  • SStP Viewing and Look Control
  • Trim XAVC and SStP
  • Generate F55/F5 User LUT
  • Support Tangent Wave and Element Kb and Mf (already support Element Tk from V2.0)
  • Viewer full screen mode (double-click on Viewer)
  • Display Playing FPS Performance
  • Export Cooke Lens metadata as .csv file
  • Input Reel Metadata in ProRes exporting
  • Selectable delimiter in DPX and Open EXR exporting
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