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The list of high fidelity pure audio releases is long, and growing by the day. One of the most significant recent releases is the long-awaited, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young disc CSNY 1974.
The Sunday Morning Drive 3D
Ole Schell is an independent filmmaker that discovered the production power of Vegas Pro a number of versions back. He's also something of a jet-setter, travelling constantly between San Francisco, New York, China, and many points between. More often than not he’ll have a camera and laptop with him, sometimes a crew.
Kray Twinz
The Kray Twinz have amassed numerous accolades in their professional career. Having produced international smash hits and award-winning music for TV shows, movie soundtracks, video games, House Bhangra, Hip Hop and R&B bangers, their Midas touch is still intact.
Going Viral with XtreamAudio
Take an internet presence like Taryn Southern, mix in a single like "Crush," and you have all the makings for a viral sensation. And that's what Sony Creative Software user Anthony Casuccio did. We spoke with Anthony briefly as he and his team finished and launched Taryn Southern's "Crush" on Buzz Records.
They Wore the Red Suit
It seems Christmas comes earlier every year. Some folks, however, like Christmas year-round. They Wore the Red Suit is a documentary on the men who portray Santa Claus, not just during the holidays, but, in some cases, throughout the year.
DC Creative: Sharknado
Authored in DoStudio at DC Creative, the Blu-ray of Sharknado is available now.  David Courtice is the president of DC Creative, and we caught up with him to briefly discuss his use of DoStudio.
Brewed in Brooklyn
Take one of the world's greatest libations – beer –and place it in the world's hippest locale – Brooklyn – and what do you get? A new feature-length documentary about Brooklyn's long brewing history. Two beer lovers, Kim Bjorhiem and John Weber, pooled their talents and their Vegas Pro skills to create "Brewed in Brooklyn."
Planetary Radio
Produced by Mat Kaplan, Planetary Radio has been on the air for over ten years and Sony applications have always played a part in their development.
The Unicorn Project
Our latest meeting with Hilary Clay Hicks, at NAMM 2013, finally got us to focus on the Unicorn project.  Hilary and his team have been working on it for quite some time, and we're excited to present the work they have accomplished with Vegas™ Pro.
Opticus Media Corporation
"Great Grandfather's Drum" is a one hour public television documentary celebrating Japanese-American culture and history in Maui. The story is told through an intimate and joyful portrait of the Maui Taiko drum ensemble today, and their ancestors who came to Hawai'i to labor on the sugar plantations five generations ago.
Big Biting Pig Productions
Big Biting Pig is a hard-working independent studio that's won numerous awards for its films. The filmmakers' tenacity and ingenuity are inspirational to anyone who dreams of making a feature film.
Paul Fierlinger
Since his first animated film in 1958, Paul Fierlinger has enjoyed a successful, award-winning, career. His latest animated film, My Dog Tulip, was produced in Vegas Pro.
Gary Spetz
Gary Spetz is an artist and the long-time producer and host of a number of how-to-paint and travel series on Public Television and the Create Channel.
Max Tobin and Tobin Film Studio
Imagination, youthful exuberance, and accessible technology; put them together and you get Max Tobin, the already-prolific (at 14 years old) filmmaker and CEO of Tobin Film Studio.
Alex Goot
Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and Vegas Pro user Alex Goot has quickly risen through the ranks of the YouTube Top 200 channels through his thoughtful original songs, and his unique way of reimagining other artists' material.
Anarchy in the editing suite
The punk DIY ethos is very similar to independent filmmaking;  both require bootstrapping and perseverance to succeed. If you're a punk and a filmmaker with a copy of Vegas Pro?  Then it's inevitable that you'll make a documentary about your favorite band.
Giving Voices
On Tuesday, January 12 2010, Haiti was hit by a catastrophic magnitude 7.0M earthquake. Cine Institute, a film school and arts incubator located in Jacmel, was not spared. Originally a film festival, Festival Film Jakmel demonstrated the power of film to tell a story, and quickly grew a film school recognized around the world.
Sony How To's
When Sony needs to put its best face forward, it relies on Sony Vegas Pro to produce great looking videos. Sony Europe has created and maintains an extensive library of "How To" videos, all produced with Vegas Pro.
Get Inside The Inner Room
Take two filmmakers experienced with short film production, add in Vegas Pro, and what do you get? "The Inner Room," the first feature-length release from Jack Gastelbondo and Mark Diestler.
Arun Shenoy
Arun Shenoy is a Singapore-based songwriter and record producer of Indian origin. He made his production debut in 2010 with the debut record for American hard rock act, TANADRA. Co-written and also arranged by Arun, the music features TANADRA's powerful vocals on intense guitar-driven music, creating an alternative/hard rock.
Joel Leang
After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film & Video, director and editor Joel Leang set out on the near Sisyphean task to become a professional filmmaker.  Supported by a day job and Sony Creative Software applications, he made it happen.  His recently-released action film, "Bendeyar," is doing boffo box office in Turkey, with another 148 copies circulating at theaters throughout Europe.
Dogbyte Films
Independent filmmaker Chris Penney of Dogbyte Films has a long history using Sony Creative Software applications in his productions, both in his corporate job and as an independent filmmaker. We caught up with him as he shopped "small change," his latest feature film, and began production on "Making the Cut," a serial documentary on the Detroit Red Wings.
Jabbar Raisani
Jabbar Raisani is an LA-based director and visual effects supervisor developing two feature films, By the Light and Tracer, both sci-fi action films. His past work includes supervising the visual effects on the sets of "Predators" and Robert Rodriguez's "Machete". Jabbar's list of credits include such blockbusters as Iron Man, Machete, Indiana Jones, Fantastic 4, Predators, and Superman Returns. Jabbar's NLE of choice? Vegas Pro.
Naomi Mercer
Naomi Mercer is a true triple-threat; talented actress, singer, and voice-over artist, Naomi has worked the West Coast doing everything from V.O.s in popular video games to newly emerging as a South-Central based rapper with serious chops and cred. Naomi is established in the industry as someone to rely on; and she relies on Sony Creative Software to get her work done.
Paul Brown
Born in Madison Wisconsin July 4th, 1963, Paul Brown moved to Memphis Tennessee at the age of five where he lived until the death of his mother in '75, Soon after Paul Brown was eleven years old in Nashville living in a school for the homeless, searching for a way to cope when he stumbled across an old upright piano that would alter his life forever.
Square Enix
Our team in Tokyo had an opportunity to speak with Masayoshi Soken, a sound editor at Square Enix and long-time user of Sony products.
Founded in 1998, Kidneythieves burst onto the industrial and alternative rock scenes with a meticulously-crafted, yet raw and aggressive sound.
Vegas Pros : Faith Granger
Three years ago Faith Granger set out on the ultimate adventure. An impossible feat: to make a two hour period drama, entirely by herself and without a budget. She had never been to film school, had no background in film, and owned no gear. One thing she did have: Vegas Pro software.
Vegas Pros : Michael Goulian
Mike Goulian is one of only a few aerobatic aviators who are popular on a global scale. Mike is living a childhood dream of performing in front of millions of fans each year at over twenty venues around the world.
Vegas Pros : Jean-Jacques Mantello
Jean-Jacques Mantello began his filmmaking career in 1986 when he joined L'Equipage Video, a company located in Grenoble, in the French Alps, as the head of the audiovisual and video post-production unit.
Vegas Pros : Justin Fornal
Justin Fornal is an eccentric independent film maker with a unique creative mind and hardcore guerrilla approach. Since graduating with a degree in film from University of Pittsburgh in 2000 he has produced a series of acclaimed underground science fiction works including the much sought after feature length cult classic Canzo Empyrean.
Justin Lassen
We spoke with Justin about how ACID Pro compliments his workflow as a producer, a remixer, and a composer.
Jason Greenberg | Neversoft Entertainment
The lead animator for all Guitar Hero projects shares his experiences using Vegas Pro in his workflow.
Ric Viers
Sound designer and author of The Sound Effects Bible shares how Sound Forge and Vegas Pro software have helped him become one of the most respected producers of effects for the motion picture, television, radio and video game industries.
Rod Carrillo
Producing, mixing, and remixing with ACID, Sound Forge, and CD Architect software.
Ben Kadie
Award-winning young filmmaker, Ben Kadie—now 13—on the switch to Vegas.
Bobby G
Accomplished songwriter, composer, singer, and music producer Bobby G credits Vegas Pro software for his Emmy® wins.
Anthony Casuccio
Anthony Casuccio delivers professional mastering at an affordable price using Sound Forge and other Sony Creative Software products.
Focus Learning Academy East
Ohio charter school, Focus Learning Academy East, uses ACID and Sound Forge to reach hip-hop club students.
James Gelet
Documentary The Shark is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of JAWS was shot using a Sony HVR-Z1U camcorder and edited with Vegas software.
James R. Martinez
ACID and Vegas Help KORG USA Develop Marketing Materials.
Todd Mark Rubenstein
Grammy-nominated musician uses trio of Sony Creative Software applications for mixing, mastering, and production.
Rick Altizer
Creator of popular "Worship Jamz" Christian music CDs speeds production with ACID Pro and Sound Forge software.
Epic Sound
This successful team of audio professionals trusts Sound Forge and Vegas software to deliver projects for television, film, video games, and more.
Access Video
This small production house has realized big savings by moving soundtrack creation in-house using Cinescore software.
Matt Harding
Dancing Matt finds fame with help from Vegas software
Chris Brickler: Documenting Love with Vegas
Filmmaker Chris Brickler continues to discover the richness of Vegas software as he builds in additional layers of meaning with his own visual language.
Paul Beach: Behind the Scenes at LEGOLAND
This former pro bassist is now a technical specialist for LEGOLAND. He uses Vegas and ACID Pro software to develop all media content used in the parks.
Gray Television
With Sony cameras and Vegas software, this nimble news crew was able to shoot, edit, and deliver stories of US soldiers in Iraq.
ACID and Vegas: A One-Two Creative Punch
ACID and Vegas software are essential tools for this influential electronic musician and successful film score composer.
Vegas, ACID Pro, and Sound Forge software play key parts in this band's success.
Charles Dennis
Co-founder of the legendary P.S. 122 performance space uses Vegas software to document the dance and performance art scene.
Ted Perlman
ACID plays a part in Grammy-winning Burt Bacharach CD.
Hollywood and Vegas
Independent filmmaker learns Vegas software on the fly, releasing his first feature to much acclaim.
Binary Designs
Contest highlights educational value of loop-based music composition.
Lavender Cabaret
Classic burlesque show backs performers with tracks created in ACID Pro software.
David Murrant
Sound Forge software helps bring popular video games to life.
Playing for Success
After hours study center in the UK inspires at-risk students with Sony Creative Software products.
Hands On with Zig
Musician, teacher, and composer Zig Wajler bridges cultures and technologies with Sony Creative Software tools. "Hands on with Zig" is a favorite at America's schools.
Russ Landau
Award-winning composer Russ Landau uses ACID® Pro software and Sony® Sound Series™ loops to create music for "Survivor" and other popular television shows.
The Making of Pace Riders
A short film about bicycling — using only a video camera, a microphone, and three of our Sony Creative Software Home Studio Solutions.
Vegas in America
Vegas user Charles de Montebello produces Grammy-winning CD America (The Audiobook): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction.
Rival Films
Problems with other video editing applications prompted this production company to search for a new NLE. They found the speed, power, and stability they were looking for in Vegas software.
Tony Verderosa
ACID Pro software helps this successful DJ and recording artist focus on creativity.
Wheel of Time
Take a popular book series, a seasoned multimedia pro, a computer science student, and Sony Creative Software gear - what do you get? Cutting-edge, self-produced animation that will make the indie and digital film circuits this fall.
San Francisco's Karmacoda utilize an array of Sony Creative Software products to realize their unique sound and multimedia presentations.
Inspired by Star Wars, Created in ACID
Disco-era legend Meco created his new CD "Music Inspired by Star Wars" almost entirely using ACID Pro software.
Dr. Walker goes underground with ACID
Highly influential in the underground scene in Europe, this prolific musician uses ACID software for editing, scoring, and even as part of his live performances.
James Manning
Independent film maker stays on budget with ACID and Vegas software.
Sharon Scott
Pop singer Sharon Scott calls ACID software her "band in a box".
Christian Taylor
Member of the popular band Kurth & Taylor relies on ACID and Vegas software for a myriad of creative tasks.
Kalon Media
Film production company creates memorable film scores using ACID Pro software and Sony Sound Series Loops & Samples libraries.
Troy Klontz
What's a seasoned Nashville guitar-slinger doing with a full array of digital equipment?
Danny Tate
Danny Tate - songwriter, composer, musician, recording artist - throws paint on the wall with ACID.
Soylent Theater
Taking comedy where no man has laughed before: Minneapolis' Soylent Theater records their comedic sci-fi performances with a suite of Sony Creative Software gear.
Shawn Pelton
From Saturday Night Live to top session player with major artists, drummer Shawn Pelton is in constant demand and takes ACID with him to the gig.
DC Rocks
Classical musician, alt rock star, electronica composer, and winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition: Darren Wilsey (a.k.a. DC Rocks) uses ACID to make it happen.
Gary Chang
Film composer and musician Gary Chang has led the way for many in his field, establishing himself as one of the most celebrated soundtrack composers of our time.
The Gathering
Grammy and Emmy-winning producer Douglas Spotted Eagle has been sold on Sony Creative Software since the earliest days of Sound Forge. Learn how he's using our latest products, and listen to samples of his recent work.
Creative Alternatives
Creative Alternatives Inc. uses ACID to introduce at-risk youth to the rewards of music composition and performance. Throughout the creative process, students learn to interact with mutual respect and thoughtful consideration.
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