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Comparison Chart

ACID® Xpress
American Idol EMC
ACID Music Studio™ 6
ACID Pro 6
Dual/multi-core processor support*
Support for external control surfaces*
Enhanced paint tools*
Dynamic playback optimization*
Number of tracks
Maximum bit depth/sample rate
Interactive "Show Me How" tutorials
Media Manager™ technology
Customizable loop searches and tagging
Video scoring track
Live audio recording
Customizable keyboard mapping
Customizable UI, Windows XP theme support
"Get Media" option
Time markers
Tempo markers
Metronome for playback and record
Macromedia Flash™ .swf format import
Mixing and Editing
Multitrack Audio and MIDI recording*
Multiple media events per track with automatic crossfades*
On-the-fly punch-in recording*
Record input monitoring*
Track record meters*
ACID project sections*
Envelope automation recording*
Freehand envelope drawing on the timeline*
Groove Mapping™ quantization with Groove Cloning™
Nestable folder tracks
5.1 surround mixing
Film-style panning mode for 5.1 surround projects*
Beatmapper remixing tool
Real-time event reverse
Volume and pan envelopes
Tempo and key changes
Ripple editing / edits across tracks
Bus-to-bus routing
Drop one-shots in real-time via keyboard commands
Track bouncing
Chopper loop editing tool
Adjustable stretching properties
Alternate time signature support
Effects & MIDI
Inline MIDI editing*
MIDI track envelopes and keyframes*
MIDI filtering and processing*
MIDI file export*
Program Map Editor*
Drum grid editing mode with drum key maps*
MIDI playback
MIDI piano roll editing w/snap-to-scale and note filtering
MIDI recording/event list editing
VSTi support
VSTi parameter automation*
VST effect support with automation and tempo sync
Yes/no automation
Multiport VSTi soft synth support
DLS sample file support
Rewire mixer/device support
Track effects
Yes/includes ExpressFX
DirectX® Plug-In support
Yes/includes XFX 1,2,3
DirectX plug-in effects automation
Tempo-based DirectX effects
Audio Plug-In Manager
Bypass all effects command
ASIO™ driver support
Generate MIDI Time Code and MIDI clock
Master bus track
CD and Export
Gracenote® CD album identification*
CD extraction
TAO/Disc-at-Once CD burning
Edit source project
Publish to
Export to Sony NetMD™ handheld devices
MP3 open/save
20 free encodes
Windows Media™ support
Saves to WMA 48 kbps
ATRAC™ format support*
QuickTime support
MPEG encoding support (with optional plug-in)
* New Feature in ACID Pro 6

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Comparison Chart

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