AXSM Drive Utility WINMAC
This software utility includes several functions for use with the AXS Memory Card Reader (AXS-CR1).

This software utility includes several functions for use with the AXS Memory Card Reader (AXS-CR1) including:

  • Displaying the status of an AXS-CR1 drive and AXS Memory Card
  • Fully formatting an AXS Memory Card
  • Saving AXS-R5 firmware data onto an AXS Memory Card (for firmware update)
  • Retrieving log data from an AXS Memory Card
  • Updating the Firmware of AXS Memory Card

What's New

  • Recovering the corrupted Clip-file of AXS Memory Card and PC

AXSM Drive Utility updated on Jan. 11, 2016


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AXSM Drive Utility AXSM Drive Utility
Release Notes Release Notes

AXSM Drive Utility 1.3.1 Update

  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is supported

AXSM Drive Utility 1.3.0 Update

  • Mac OS X 10.9 is supported
  • AXS Memory "A-Version" Card is supported


  • "Recovering Clip" function is available for the corrupted Clip-files created on AXS-R5 firmware version 2.00 and later.
  • If an older version of AXSM Drive Utility is installed on Windows PC, please uninstall, restart the PC and then install the new version.
  • When using an AXS-CR1 Memory Card Reader with a PC running the Windows 7® Operating System, it is recommended to install the Windows 7 update program released by Microsoft®. Using AXSM Drive Utility Version 1.1 or later and a fully updated version of Windows 7 in combination, data transfer speed from the AXS-CR1 is improved.

For details, refer to the Release Notes.


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