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Sony's Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) multi-codec encoder

The Blu-ray compliant HD multi-codec encoder, Blu-code (BAE-VX1000)

Blu-code version 4

With Blu-code™ (BAE-VX1000), Sony brings high-speed, high-quality Blu-ray Disc™ compliant encoding within reach of smaller studios, where budgets are tight and space is limited. Blu-code supports distributed encoding on any number of servers at no extra charge, giving large-scale studio encoding operations a new tool for greater operational flexibility.

A powerful, scalable one-step solution that runs on a single workstation, the Sony Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) creates both H.264 AVC and MPEG-2 BD Compliant video streams and provides a wide range of features to customize the encoding process and realize maximum workflow efficiencies.

As a leader in Blu-ray Disc™ technology, Sony continues to expand the horizons of this great new format — and the new Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) brings cutting-edge performance to studios large and small.

Sony's Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) multi-codec encoder
Sony's Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) multi-codec encoder

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New Features in Version 4.0:

Stream ID Generator
Superimpose a bitmap image onto an AVC/MPEG stream during encoding. Add your logo, copyright or any other information directly to a stream. Perfect for testing, director signoff or client approval.
Black Magic HD Extreme 3 Support
Includes support for the new Blackmagic HD Extreme 3 video cards.
Per-Frame Bit-rate Display
Provides more detailed bit rate information by displaying the bit rate value for each frame in the Customize Review screen.
Improved Picture Quality
Improvements to the video quality for letterboxed H.264/AVC encodes. This includes a new recommended "Black Belt" parameter that optimizes picture quality with a combination of DCT size and scaling list.

Powerful Features for Blu-ray Disc™ Encoding:

Noise Reduction Filters
Includes updated encoding algorithms, pre-designed low pass filter templates and de-noise filtering for CG, camera noise and film grain management. De-banding filters have also been added.
New Scaling Lists
Increase simplicity in encoding with pre-designed AVC scaling lists for complex and demanding content, via simple template selection.
Built-in Disc Image Creator
Create BR-ROM compliant image files of encoded projects, then, using Vegas Pro 9 or DVD Architect Pro 5 software, users can immediately burn the multiplexed image files directly to BD-R discs for playback on consumer BD players, providing a fast and efficient means for quality control, dailies and client approvals.
Result View with A/B Split Screen playback
View and Q/C encoded streams against the uncompressed source material in a synchronized split-screen display on a professional monitor. Users can define horizontal and vertical wipe partitions for real-time playback comparisons of the uncompressed source and decoded compressed stream synchronized in the user interface via SD/HD-SDI output.
Supports both H.264/AVC and MPEG-2
You can create AVC or MPEG-2 video streams which are compatible with BD-ROM and BD-R/RE formats — and MPEG-2 is also compatible with the DVD format.
Supports all Blu-ray Video Formats
With Codec flexibility to meet both encoding speed and picture quality demands, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) supports all standard Blu-ray Disc™ video formats — including secondary video stream.
3 Speeds, Scalable Configuration
For high-speed encoding with added flexibility, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) provides distributed processing and scalable configuration and three encoding modes:
  • Express Mode: Real-time AVC encoding with a single workstation.
  • Speed Mode: Real-time AVC encoding with a distributed encoding system (3 encoding PCs), to balance picture quality and encoding time.
  • Quality mode: Real-time AVC encoding for the highest picture quality with a distributed encoding system utilizing 5 encoding PCs.
Ultra High-Speed MPEG-2 Encoding
To speed output, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) provides MPEG-2 encoding at faster than real time:
  • Speed mode: 0.6 X real time with a single workstation
  • Quality mode: 0.7 X real time with a single workstation
Superb Picture Quality
The Blu-codeís (BAE-VX1000) sophisticated encoding algorithm makes it easy to obtain superb picture quality — and youíll also be able to fine-tune picture quality using customized functions that make the most of your experience.
Automatic Encoding Parameters
With recommended parameter setting function, encoding parameters will be set automatically on the basis of the content of your source video file. All you do is input the nature of your source content: film or anime, dynamic or static, dark or bright, and the present of grain noise.
Preset Scaling List
For AVC encoding, you can select from 6 preset scaling lists — and up to 20 new scaling lists can also be defined by the user.
Auto Customize Function
To shorten your recording time, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) can automatically detect parts of the picture that are difficult to encode — then perform multiple encoding using up to 5 possible bit rates set up in advance. When two-pass encoding of the entire title is finished, you can review these multiple versions and select the most suitable one based on its picture quality and disc amount.
Auto Deblocking Filter
During AVC encoding, you can automatically set a deblocking filter with the appropriate value to any part where a deblocking filter is necessary, with appropriate value. You can also set the offset value of a deblocking filter manually, adjusting alpha and beta coefficients independently.
Frame by Frame Customization
You can change the value of each encoding parameter frame by frame to get best picture quality after 2 pass VBR encoding. Using a customize/review window, you can check the picture quality by AVC/MPEG-2 decoder and change the value of each parameter with mouse or keyboard operation. Youíll know where parameters have been changed because the color of that part shifts to another color on your GUI.
Time-Saving Segment Encoding
After customization, you can encode just the smallest range required for re-encoding — obtaining the optimum picture quality in the shortest time because re-encoding of the entire title is not required.
Simple Functions to Improve Your Workflow
The Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) can reduce the total working time of an encoding series up to 30% compared with Sonyís previous VA700 model. The five simple functions listed here all contribute to significantly reducing your encoding time.
  1. Capture function
    The Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) can capture AVI files via HD-SDI interface video card — and scene changes as well as 2-3 pull-down patterns are executed during capture, so you can begin encoding immediately after capture without further pre-processing.

  2. Real Time Decoder
    The Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) decoder can decode an AVC/MPEG-2 elementary stream, so you wonít have to convert one encoded file to another decodable file format such as AVI — and you wonít have to make a BD-R/RE disc with multiplexing. You can check your picture quality with simple VTR-like operation. And this decoder can also decode divided AVC/MPEG-2 streams without finalization, to minimize the required storage size.

  3. Batch Processing
    To save even more time, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) can encode multiple projects continuously — and perform capture and pre-process continuously.

  4. Stream Replacement
    After encoding, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) can replace a certain part of the encoded stream with the same length encoded file.

  5. Fast 2pass VBR Encoding
    In Fast 2pass VBR mode, the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) doesnít actually encode in first pass — just calculates the bit assign using Sony's unique measuring algorithm. This cuts the necessary first-pass time in half compared to normal 2pass VBR.

Click here to visit the Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) screenshot gallery

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Blu-code Introduction

Enterprise Blu-ray Authoring

The optimal solution for high volume Blu-ray Disc™ authoring.
MPEG-2, H.264/AVC HD, and MVC encoders for 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc™ authoring.
Check compliance of your BD-ROM syntax and data structure.
Edit and record the offset metadata for accurate placement of subtitles in 3D space.

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