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Academic/Non-Profit Pricing
Qualified customers can receive special academic pricing on our software products. To receive special pricing, you must be a qualified student, faculty member, staff member, or an accredited institution. You will need to provide proof of your academic status.

Who is eligible?
  • College Students: Matriculating college, university, and career school students qualify for academic pricing.
  • K-12 Students: Currently enrolled K-12 students qualify for academic pricing.
  • Faculty/Staff: K-12 and all post-secondary faculty and staff members qualify for academic pricing.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Available to organization (not individuals).

What type of identification is required?
Acceptable forms of ID include:
  • Dated Student ID card
  • Dated Faculty ID card
  • Dated Staff ID card
  • Purchase order from non-profit organization indicating 501c status
Note: For K-12 a letter from school on school letterhead is also required.

If you meet the criteria above, follow the links below to buy Sony Creative Software from our academic resellers.

Academic Resellers
For a complete listing, see our Academic Resellers page.


Site Licensing and Upgrades
What are the benefits of licensing through Sony Creative Software?
Our licensing program makes it easy for institutions to save money on Sony Creative Software products.

Volume license holders are eligible for special upgrade pricing. Your institution may purchase upgrade licenses (a minimum of 5 is required) up to the current amount of licenses owned of the software title.

What is included with my Sony Creative Software license purchase?
Sony Creative Software licensing is transactional the more licenses you purchase on one order, the more you save. With each purchase, your school will receive:
  • Simple licensing agreement
  • Media kit of installation discs, documentation, and user guides
Please note: site licenses do not include 3rd party bundled software

What are the licensing discount tier levels?
Your institution will receive a larger discount on Sony Creative Software products with each licensing tier level reached. Purchase more licenses to increase your savings! Our licensing tiers are:
  • 5-24 licenses
  • 25-49 licenses
  • 50 or more licenses
Can I mix and match software titles to reach a higher tier?
Yes! As long as you purchase the minimum of five per title, you may mix and match software titles within any product family. For example, you could purchase 12 licenses of Vegas software and 13 licenses of ACID Pro software to reach the 25-49 tier level. Sony Creative Software product families are:
  • Professional: ACID Pro, Sound Forge Pro, and Vegas Pro software
  • Consumer: ACID Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio, Vegas Movie Studio HD, and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software

What is the difference between an upgrade license and a single box upgrade?
If your institution previously purchased a volume license for one of our professional products, you may purchase an upgrade license to update each seat on your license when a new version of the software is released. There is a minimum purchase requirement of five upgrade licenses.

Single box upgrades have no minimum purchase requirement. To purchase a single box upgrade, you must have the most recent full version of the software installed on your PC. Single box upgrades are available for:

  • ACID Pro software
  • Sound Forge Pro software
  • Vegas Pro software
What are the benefits of purchasing a single box upgrade?
Upgrade versions are an easy way to stay current with the latest technologies.

Purchasing the upgrade version is a cost-saving alternative to buying the new version at full price.

What is required to install the upgrade?
For a volume license upgrade there are no installation requirements. To install a boxed upgrade, the most recent full version of the software must already be installed on your PC.

Do I qualify for a free site license upgrade?
Site license owners are eligible for a free upgrade for licenses purchased 60 days prior to the new version ship date. The school/institution has 30 days from the ship date of the new product to request the upgrade through customer service. After 30 days, the offer is void. It is the responsibility of the school/institution to request this free upgrade; upgrades are not automatic.

What operating systems do the upgrade versions support?
The upgrade version will support the same operating system that the full version supports. Before purchasing the upgrade version, it is a good idea to verify that your PC meets the OS support requirements listed on the product packaging or webpage.

Where can I purchase an upgrade version?




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