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Wireless Studio software is used for controlling DWX Series receivers and wireless transmitters. It allows you to monitor and control a digital wireless system via a network.

Wireless Studio updated on Apr. 18, 2016


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Wireless Studio 4.4.1

All regions

  • Simple and rapid change button for "Status Viewer" and "Simple Status Viewer"
  • Add button to resize window size for "Simple Status Viewer"
  • AF meter and muting/unmuting button for "Simple Status Viewer"
  • Detailed status display settings for "Status Viewer" and "Simple Status Viewer"
  • Automatic saving function for RF Chart Grapher
  • RF Chart Grapher marking position improved

For Europe region

  • Adopt CE21 version custom settings

For Japan region

  • Adopt B version custom settings
  • Support DWR-P01DN/B

Wireless Studio 4.3.2

All regions

  • "Simple Status Viewer" tab simply and widely shows wireless mic status
  • Display Setting menu for display custom setting
  • The numbering rule for page function has been changed
  • Display progress bar appears while opening dwl files
  • Scan data compatibility problem between version 4.20 and Version 4.10 or earlier has been fixed.

Wireless Studio 4.2.1

All regions

  • Added support for Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)

For North America, Europe region

  • Added support for DWR-R02DN/W

Wireless Studio 4.1.0

All regions

  • Added Spectrum Analyzer function
    • Reflecting the channel settings of Channel Plan Adviser
    • Real-time scanning (by using one channel of DWR-R0XD)
    • Continuous scanning
    • Save/Load the scan results
    • Comparing two scan results
  • Enhance Channel Plan Adviser function
    • Highlight usable channel by clicking frequency list
    • Reflect "recommended GP/CH" to "GP/CH" selection
    • Leave the setting of Channel Plan Adviser unless Wireless Studio shut down.
  • Add Status Viewer setting function(Change fuction name from "Group control setting" to "Status Viewer setting"
    • Enable to control the display setting for Muting function to prevent accident by operation mistake.

For Japan region

  • If using Wireless Studio (Ver.4.10), upgrade PB-01's version to Ver.1.02 or later. PB-01 (Ver.1.00 or 1.01) might freeze when using the new Spectrum Analyzer function of Wireless Studio (Ver.4.10) .

Wireless Studio 4.0

All regions

  • Added Group control setting function
  • Enhance Load setting function
    • Enable to load setting to a device(Transmitter, Receiver)
    • Enable to load setting to devices that users want to select
  • Add Muting control function
  • Add changing unit for RF level(dBuVemf/dBm)

For Japanese model

  • Support new model(PB-01, DWR-P01DN) for Japanese
  • Support new codec version (CODEC MODE: MODE 3)

Wireless Studio 3.04 New Features

  • Support channel plan for Japanese models (WL, WM, WH, 1.2G)
  • Improve the performance of Wireless Studio


For North America, Europe, and China models

Wireless Studio 4.00 or later requires updated firmware of transmitter, receiver and RMU-01.

  • DWM-01 Ver.1.23 or later, DWM-02 Ver.1.03 or later
  • DWT-B01 Ver.1.31 or later, DWT-B01/E Ver.2.22 or later
  • DWT-P01 Ver.1.31 or later, DWT-P01/E Ver.2.21 or later
  • DWR-R01D Ver.1.26 or later, DWR-R02D Ver.1.06 or later (for Mute function)
  • RMU-01 Ver.1.23 or later

For Japanese models

If using the new codec version (CODEC MODE:MODE3) and using new model (PB-01, DWR-P01DN):

  • Wireless Studio must be version 4.00 or later.
  • DWT-B01N Ver.1.03 or later (for new codec version)
  • DWM-02N Ver.1.04 or later (for new codec version)
  • DWR-R02DN Ver.1.01 or later (for new codec version)
  • RMU-01 Ver.1.24 or later (for new models PB-01 and DWR-P01DN)


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