Content Manager MACWIN
Content management software designed for the Optical Disc Archive System Content Manager.

Content Manager updated on Nov. 13, 2017


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Content Manager 3.1.2 Update

  • Improved reregistration of failed jobs so that enable to change conditions.
    Allows you to modify conditions and then reregister a job. You can reregister all jobs or only those jobs that failed. You can change the archive destination or retrieve destination.
  • Improved performance of database import / export processing

Content Manager 3.1.0 Update

  • Canceling relationships with related files
  • Improved performance in retrieving

Content Manager 3.0.2 Update

  • Support macOS Sierra 10.12 and Safari 10
  • Improve archive stability

Content Manager 3.0.1 Update

  • Support ODS-D280U
  • Support ODC-3300R
  • Export catalog data
  • Reregistration of Job Group
  • Exporting a job report

Content Manager 2.6 Update

  • Support for Windows 10, Mac OS 10.11, Microsoft Edge, and Safari 9
  • Driver Log enhancement

Content Manager 2.5 Update

Reduced the amount of free space required for backup operations.

Content Manager 2.4 Update

  • Additional format XAVC Long, XAVC S and DNxHD(MXF) support for extracting metadata
  • Processing retrieve job interrupts
  • Displaying folder path
  • Exporting a file list in csv format
  • Improved performance in archiving and retrieving
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