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Key Features
  • Remove camera motor noise from video projects.
  • Eliminate rumble and low-level noise.
  • Eliminate clicks and pops from recordings.
  • Remove tape hiss, electrical hum.
  • Recover lost signal due to clipping.
  • Remove pops and clicks in your own personal copies of vinyl recordings.
  • Extract noise from files without signal loss.
  • Capture noise prints of unwanted frequencies.
  • Restore your own personal copies of scratched and tired recordings.
  • Create custom presets and use them on other files.
Click and Crackle Removal™ Plug-in
  • Automatic removal of large and small clicks and pops.
  • Removal of crackles typically found on old albums.
  • Click replacement with audio from opposite channel.
  • Extra verification and sensitivity controls.
Clipped Peak Restoration™ Plug-in
  • Reconstruction of clipped peak tops.
  • Recovery of lost signals due to clipping.
  • Peak limiting applied to the area immediately surrounding the audio clip.
Noise Reduction™ Plug-in
  • Adjustable attack and release speeds.
  • Adjustable FFT size (up to 16,384).
  • Adjustable high-shelf gain and overlap settings.
  • Noise print envelope fine-tuning.
  • Individual frequency accentuation or attenuation.
  • Zoom Selection, Zoom Out Full, and Grab/Pan.
Vinyl Restoration™ Plug-in
  • Glitch Sensitivity controls.
  • Surface Noise Level controls.
  • Adjustable Noise Floor and Attack/Release Speeds.

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