XDCAM Advanced Pack for Content Browser and XDCAM Browser WIN
Advanced Pack is an optional pack that adds additional features to XDCAM Browser and Content Browser including: XMPilot support, live viewing & logging (with XDCAM Proxy), print clip information, and acquisition metadata display.

Sony XDCAM Browser and Content Browser are an all-in-one clip management applications that can be used with the latest portfolio of Sony XDCAM camcorders and decks, regardless of whether you work with XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD, XDCAM IMX or DVCAM.

These simple-to-use applications for Windows or Mac OS X allow everyone to easily browse and copy videos recorded by the various XDCAM camcorder or deck series to other devices such as hard drives.

Advanced Pack is an optional add-on that is unlocked by a serial number given to you at the time of purchase. Features of the Advanced Pack include:

  • XMPilot support (create & edit planning metadata)
  • Live Viewing & Logging (with XDCAM Proxy)
  • Print Clip Information
  • Acquisition Metadata Display

Version 2.1 Update

A free update to existing Advanced Pack for XDCAM owners, Version 2.1 includes these new additional features:

  • BD/DVD Burning
  • Expanded Cut Edit
  • Audio Level Meter

New! BD/DVD Burning

BD/DVD Burning

create your own Blu-ray DiscsWith this feature you can burn a copy of your XDCAM video clips (MXF & MP4) directly to Blu-ray™ Disc or DVD*, making it easy to view recently captured footage on consumer BD/DVD players* before moving on to post process.

* DVD is supported for Windows only (not Mac OS). Authoring features are not supported.

New! Expanded Cut Edit

Expanded Cut Edit

With the Expanded Cut Edit you can now:

  • Render edited sequences (using proxy) as WMV files for easy network sharing
  • Export the ClipList to AAF files for Avid post production workflows
  • Use the Cut Edit feature via a Live Logging connection with camcorders in the field

New! Audio Level Meter

Audio Level Meter

In response to popular demand, a new Audio Level Meter feature is now available.

Use this intuitive new feature to verify the status of your audio while playing back video clips.

XMPilot Support

XMPilot Support

In addition to browsing planning metadata supported as a standard feature, Advanced Pack offers more efficient workflow with flexibility for customization on each project — creating & editing planning metadata on PC or Mac environment.

This powerful tool allows users to significantly improve and speed up overall XDCAM production workflow in a variety of projects.

Live Viewing & Logging

This advanced feature boosts workflow efficiency and reduces production costs — eliminating paper-based logging, manual data entry and typing errors.

While viewing live video/audio stream (XDCAM Proxy) transmitted wirelessly from camcorders*, it allows users to write logging data such as essence marks and comments back to the camcorder in real-time.

* Available for PDW-F800/700 and PMW-500 only

Live Viewing & Logging

Print Clip Information

Print Clip Information

This feature enables export of list information about clips and clip lists stored in recording media or a folder.

As list information is exported in XML format, it is useful not only to display, but also to print using a web browser such as Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac).

Acquisition Metadata Display

The latest major XDCAM camcorders have ability to store camera (lens) related metadata into SxS or Professional Disc in real-time (frame-by-frame).

This metadata is useful in post process to understand the various camera settings used in shooting — such as Zoom, Focus and Iris.

Acquisition Metadata Display

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